Love Is Dead

February 24, 2011  |  

Love Is Dead

Watching memories pass us by; a relationship torn by what, nobody knows. Perhaps a lack of trust, the lack of one knowing how to please the other. Either way we are watching a flower that took bloom wither away because of its environment.

While I try not to be a typical man, I pose this question, is this how a queen treats her king, how a woman treats her so-called “soul mate”? What ever happened to self-sacrifice and the desire to make one happy? Now we are in a world where it is all about I.  Women say men have forgotten chivalry but I say some women have forgotten the basics.

Call it the emancipation of Mimi or whomever but this roller coaster has created a much-tarnished gentleman, who in a perfect world would commit no wrong, but with today’s circumstances feels trapped. Where is the I’m just thinking of you text or some boxers she picked up just because? It’s lost, its dead. They say hip-hop is dead — but if this is brown sugar and hip hop equals love then in fact it is love that is dead!

LOVE IS DEAD because of our own selfish desires, our own inability to love someone truly other than ourselves. We can sacrifice for ourselves, we make sure that we are comfortable and in an uplifting state. But when asked to do the same for others we find ourselves making excuses and not being able to commit to such wants or even needs. Yes my people love is dead. You can mourn, you can choose to create a new idol, a new golden calf may be erected in its place but LOVE IS NO MORE.

It’s easy to place the blame but we have become emotional leeches, only concerned with our own problems and views. We take our mates for granted and we allow people to be wooed into the arms of others. In the beginning we did our best because we were trying to acquire something. Now that we have to maintain it our field of love has become a sea of weeds and grass to thick to cut through. That same flame that burned, it no longer exists. Where before we were building something new with a passionate vigor, showing one another the new skills and tools one had found to reach new heights. Now we barely communicate how to keep this house a happy home, we merely bicker about why this house ain’t a happy home. LOVE IS DEAD MY PEOPLE, LOVE IS DEAD, ON IT WE SEE AN OPEN CASKET OF OLD MEMORIES, OLD LOVERS!

Author’s comment: When Nas made hip-hop is dead, he was trying to make a statement about the downward trend in hip-hop of “artists” destroying something he loved. He was being prophetic, hoping things would not become so dire so he made a drastic statement. The same goes for Love is Dead, I’m watching men and women abuse their partners and this emotion that is very dear to us. I hope that we wake up from our selfishness and get back to a place of selflessness where our love thrives. Not only in a romantic manner but also in the love and respect we have for our communities. Peace and Love.

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