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Though having relationships with other people is a great feeling, the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. It’s vital that your internal beliefs and thoughts are positive and self-assuring, otherwise you won’t be able to uphold quality outside relationships. If you have a not-so-great internal relationship, you can’t expect yourself to be ready for a relationship with someone else. But if you’ve already been working on you, you just might be ready for a relationship. Here’s how you can tell.

You’re okay being single

As backwards as it may sound, you really know that you’re ready for a relationship when you’re okay with being single. Women who hate being single tend to be the ones who are getting into relationships for all the wrong reasons. Being content being single means that you’re okay with who you are, you’re confident, and you’re grounded.

You already feel complete

A lot of people go out in a search of a relationship to fill a void in their life. Though it’s nice to be able to date someone who compliments you, before you get into a relationship, it’s important to already feel like you’re complete. If you’re looking to fix or fill a void, you aren’t ready just yet.

You’re content with who you are

Being content with who you are inside and out is a huge sign that you’re ready for a relationship. While you may have flaws, you accept them, and you have plenty of self-confidence and self-esteem. Loving and being happy with you is a must before any relationship.

You know what you want in a partner

There are way too many people out there who go into the dating scene without having set expectations, wants, and needs in a partner. These people tend to lean towards the casual daters rather than someone looking for a long-term relationship. When you know what you want and need out of a partner, it’s a good sign that you’re ready for a relationship.

Your list of wants/needs is refined

Having expectations is a good thing, but having ones that are too high or too nit-picky can make things difficult. Once you’ve gotten to the point where your list really just includes your top priorities, it shows that you’re now just in it to find a great man.

You’re not willing to settle

When you’re ready for a relationship, you have it clear in your mind that you will not settle for second-best or for anything less than what you want and deserve out of a partner. A woman who is ready for a relationship is one who realizes that she deserves true unconditional love from a man who will treat her well.

You’re not looking to be saved

Similarly to filling a void, some people go out in a search of a relationship in hopes that another person can save them and turn their life around. Dating and relationships shouldn’t be about searching for someone who can fix your internal problems. Instead, you should already be comfortable with who you are.

You want, not need, a relationship

Wanting a relationship and needing a relationship are two different things. If you feel like you need a relationship, you can count on things probably not working out as expected. Wanting a relationship means that you’re okay with your current status but you want a relationship because you feel like you’re ready for love, but you don’t need it to be happy.

You’re over your ex

Everyone has baggage when it comes to past relationships, though relationships tend to go a lot better when the baggage is quite minimal. Having baggage is one thing, but still being tied up on your old relationship is extremely different. If you’re still angry and bitter with yourself and/or your ex, it’s a red flag that you’re not ready to be dating.

You’ve learned from the past

No matter how badly a relationship ended for you in the past, there should always be something that you can learn and take away from it. Once you’re at that point where you can take things away from a past relationship and learn from it, you’re in a good position to start dating again.

You’re open-minded

Being successful with dating is all about being open-minded. Having a mental list of wants and needs is a good thing, but it’s also important to be open-minded and a little bit flexible. You’re ready for a relationship when you’re able to take interest in a man who doesn’t fit your cookie cutter list of an ideal man.

You’re ready to take the plunge

All relationships involve taking a leap of faith and risking being hurt, but hoping that things will work out. When you’re truly ready for a relationship, you accept the uncertainty and risks that come with being in a relationship. Though scary, you’re ready to take your chances with love.

You accept all relationships are different

There are no relationships that are the same, and before you can be ready for a relationship, it’s important to know that there is no one size fits all in regards to relationships. There will always be different beliefs, wants, needs, and backgrounds to each relationship.

You’re willing to grow

Successful relationships typically involve two people who aren’t overly set in their ways. While no one should go into a relationship expecting to be changed and morphed into someone different, being willing to grow and learn new things is crucial. Personal growth is a huge part of a quality relationship.

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