The 15 Most “Perfect” TV Boyfriends

June 6, 2014  |  
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You know those people who complain television and movies have given women unrealistic expectations for love? You know those friends who complain that no man will ever measure up to the man a television writer could make up? They were probably talking about these painfully perfect TV boyfriends.

Pacey Witter

Katie Holmes’ character on “Dawson’s Creek” almost exclusively had perfect boyfriends. But Pacey had just the perfect balance of bad boy and sweet guy; partier and intellectual; hotness and cuteness.


Nick Miller

We hate that Nick Miller and Zoe Deschanel’s characters on “New Girl” are split up right now. But come on—they’ll get back together. Miller is the perfect fixer-upper—messily adorable, passionate but lost, and a great cuddler (we bet).


Chuck Bass

A sensationally sexy, cultured, rich, well-dressed bad boy turned good who wore a side part long before the cast of “Mad Men” came around. Somebody hand us a fan.


Seth Cohen

We bet every quirky, curly-haired witty nerd was, to their surprise, getting phone calls from the cheerleader after Seth Cohen stole all of our hearts on “The OC.”


Ben Wyatt

Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope are the beginning of a new era of television couples who are also best friends. Wyatt knows every single weird little quirk of Knope’s, he works with them perfectly and he is constantly arranging the best surprises for her! And he moves for her when she gets a job in another state!


Ben Covington

Covington of “Felicity” had that sort of dashing Paul Newman handsomeness you don’t see anymore. He was patient, listened to Felicity when she spoke, and was just the right amount of sensitive while still being strong.

Aidan Shaw

Oooooh Aidan, Aidan, Aidan. If only he jumped out of the TV and realized what a worldwide stir he created among women when Carrie stupidly chose Mr. Big over him. HOW could she?!?! Aidan was manly, but gentle, he was rugged, but handsome, he could fix anything in the house and cuddle like it was his job. And he loved dogs!


Henry Grubstick

There’s a reason Henry created so much turmoil for Betty on “Ugly Betty”—he was the best of all the boyfriends she ever had! He was always coming up with adorable surprises for her, and was willing to (try to) defeat all odds—like a crazy pregnant ex girlfriend—to be with her.

Eric Forman

Eric Forman was another TV character that got lanky, nerdy guys everywhere a chance with totally smoking hot babes.

Jim Halpert

Halpert of course eventually became the perfect TV husband, but he arrived there by being willing to literally do anything to be with Pam — including steal her away from an awful fiancé, and make her laugh every single chance he got.


Chandler Bing

Admit it: you’d love to have a guy who neurotically loved you as much as Chandler loved Monica. He would work himself into a hissy fit of insecurities wondering if Monica still loved him, if Monica was mad at him, if Monica was happy with him…and it was somehow hot.


Another “New Girl” favorite, Schmidt is the perfect example of how Jewish guys make the best partners! He treats Cece like a goddess. And he’s witty, well-dressed, and snarky in a hot way.

Tim Canterbury

AKA British Jim Halpert. Did you hear that? British Jim Halpert. You get the idea.


Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby is like the new Chandler Bing. Think about it—the on and off again relationship with Robin, the hopeless romanticism, and the adorable neuroticism.

Ross Geller

How could you not look into those droopy, dark brown puppy dog eyes and not just gobble Ross up?!

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