When Prom Dresses Go Horribly Wrong: 15 Of The Tackiest Gowns On The Internet

June 3, 2014  |  
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At this point, being that it’s June, prom season is probably coming to an end for the kiddies. They will take pictures, photos that they probably will look back at years later and have fond memories about.

However, if they dressed anything like these individuals, they probably will look back and shake their heads just a little. Every decade has some interesting fashions, but there’s a difference between dressing in the trends of the time and doing the absolute most just because. Here are 12 people who did the latter.

Pregnancy and prom is an interesting combination, but it doesn’t have to look bad…like this. While this young lady kept her baby bump covered in up, she made sure to show every other ounce of skin in this gold, shiny ensemble.

There’s a whole lot going on here, but not enough at the same time. Case in point: the fact that she’s showing a lot of skin (thanks to quite a few cut-outs and super high slits), but still thought it a good idea to wear the super high gloves. And I don’t know what’s worse, the super visible garter belt or the flip phone attached to her hip as she poses for pics…?

I wish I could show you this girl’s face so you could see how much she was NOT feeling her Michael Jordan-inspired attire for the night. Neither are we, but kudos to her for being a good sport.

Homegirl was doing okay until the skirt opened up and she showed off her pins (legs) with not only white tube socks, but Timbaland boots to match the gold embellishments around her abdomen. Isn’t prom in spring/summer? Her feet weren’t sweating?

He doesn’t look bad, but the young lady on the right went a tad bit overboard. If the huge bow didn’t grab your attention, I’m sure the steel grey ruffled neckline and attachment to the skirt will have you shaking your head just a little…

In the words of my colleague, this young lady is giving us “bedazzled superhero.” And why is there so much going on? Suspenders? Strappy sandals, a cape? The garter belt? Sequins? It’s like five prom dresses fused into one Frankenstein-ish ensemble.

Deer hunting camouflage is cool, but this is NOT. Keep it in the woods, don’t bring it to the dance floor.

Can you spot what’s off about this picture? The women in their blue and purple don’t look bad, but their date, in his two-face suit is what’s got us scratching our head. And don’t get me started on the pimp cup…

From the beaded boob (and the crooked sewing on the top of her dress) to Mr. Man’s hood, sunglasses and huge bowtie, this whole look is just screaming “NOOOOOOO!”

No…just no…

While she (to the right) actually doesn’t look bad, her date looks like he’s wearing a harness vest to do some tree climbing. But I have to give him props for the fly updo. Wale would be proud.

Hey, I love Winnie the Pooh as much as the next person. He’s adorable. But hell no to putting it on formal attire.

I’m trying to figure out how this dress was able to stay together with its sequin connections. And then the tall collar with the forearm gloves and peek-a-boo stomach is probably one of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. That’s not a good thing.

I can’t with all this denim. And I’m still not sure if all the material I’m seeing on the floor is from her gown, or from her date’s super wide-leg pants (or the cape that’s behind said pants). Either way, no one needs to wear that much denim at one time. NO ONE.

I’m wondering if this New Orleans inspired and Fleur-de-lis adorned attire was worn out of love for the Saints since they won the Super Bowl in 2010, or if these people really just thought this look was cute. Either way, oh so wrong. And what is this material!? Plastic!?

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