Beyoncé’s Pastor Says Her Music Doesn’t Conflict With Christianity

June 3, 2014  |  

Beyoncé comes under fire from just about everybody. Parents think she’s too sexy. One feminist thinker likened her to a terrorist and conservative news pundits think she and she alone is the reason for teen pregnancy. And then there are the some Christians who’ve accused her of being everything from a hypocrite to a devil worshipper.

But Beyoncé’s pastor is defending her against all of that. In an interview with theGrio, Rudy Rasmus a humanitarian, cultural architect and author of the new book Love.Period.: When All Else Fails thinks that as an entertainer Beyoncé should have the artistic freedom to do what she feels.

The Knowles family and Kelly Rowland have been long-time members of the St. John’s United Methodist Church in downtown Houston where Resmus is co-pastor. He’s also the man who officiated Beyoncé and Jay Z’s wedding ceremony back in 2008.

In a sit down with theGrio, Rasmus shared everything from his thoughts on gay marriage and the black church (Hint: He believes couples of the same gender should be able to get married.), submission between man and wife, the state of Jay and Bey’s marriage, why he doesn’t take issue with the way Beyoncé presents herself in her music and the importance of love over everything else.


What are the ingredients for a successful marriage with a power couple like Jay Z and Beyoncé

Trust, love… And love is, in the marital relationship, it’s the same for any friendship. The text says that the wife should respect the husband. The text also says the husband should love the wife as unto the church. Now, a casual reading of that you could miss the fact that for that husband to love that wife as unto the church really means that that husband is willing to die for that wife. But that wife is prepared or capable or willing to respect the husband.


The marriage advice he’s given the Carters

I haven’t given them any advice. They are friends. Their relationship is healthy and life has been good.


Do Beyoncé’s lyrics and message contradict the purity of Christianity?

“I’ve been asked that question many times over the past 22 years, many times. And the answers is always the same. Beyoncé is a consummate entertainer, and an entertainer entertains. Is the entertainer’s entertainment an expression of that person’s life and reality? I don’t know. But I know when Arnold Schwarzenegger straps on a 30 caliber cannon and blows planes out of the sky, nobody asks the question, ‘Arnold why are you walking around for those 90 minutes in that suit with that 30 caliber cannon? What kind of person are you?’ I don’t think I’ve heard that question. But at the end of the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an entertainer. I think a person has the right to earn a living in the way that they are gifted, and I think that she is tremendously gifted and I think she expresses that gift in some amazing ways. I think the world would be void an extreme talent if we silenced her or censored her. I wouldn’t want my art censored.”


Will the LGBT community be embraced in the black church?

It’s gonna happen. As a matter fact, it’s an idea whose time has already come. It’s just taken the church a while to catch up. About 30 percent of my crowd is LGBT. And what I’ve realized is that there is one basic, common human need that every human being has, regardless to their sexual orientation, and that is acceptance.


Would you marry a same sex couple?

My denomination actually has a prohibition against doing so. It does, in the ordinances. But do I feel that same gendered people should be able to choose for themselves who they want to spend their lives with? I believe every human being deserves the opportunity to make that choice.


Love and what he wants readers to take away from his book

I want readers to understand that love never fails. The ancient text, we can call it the Bible says that you can know everything, you can even give everything, you can have everything but if you don’t have love, you have nothing.


You can watch Pastor Rasmus’ full interview in the video below.


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