Signs Your Relationship Is Almost Over, Just Like These Celebrity Couples

May 28, 2014  |  
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Have you seen the behaviors? If so, they’re likely signs your relationship is almost over.

Both of You Are Cheating

We all got on Kirk’s case but it turns out that Rasheeda might be cheating too. If both of you are stepping out, it may be time to call it quits.

You’re Making a Sex Tape

A dramatic last ditch effort to spice things up a la Mimi and Nikko could be a sign that that well is drying up.

The Rumor Mill Is Working Overtime

Sometimes people can see the permanent cracks in your relationship that you’re too close to spot. Take T.I. and Tiny for example. They keep saying everything’s fine, but most of their fans know better.

Your Friends Barely Believe He Exists

If people are starting to think your boyfriend is a figment of your imagination, he may not be your boyfriend for long. Either you’re hiding him for a reason or he’s hiding you for one. If you find yourself pulling a Kenya and posting pictures to prove he exists, it might be time to reconsider your relationship.

You’re At Each Other’s Throats

Sometimes even co-parents need to break up. If your modern family looks anything like 50 Cent and Shaniqua Thompkins, it may be time to sever those last few ties and hand the kids back and forth silently.

He’s Going to Prison

Some relationships can survive a long stint in prison, but the statistics aren’t great. Apollo and Phaedra haven’t officially announced their divorce, but we have a feeling that it’s coming soon.

Everyone Thinks You’re A Homewrecker

Relationships have enough problems without everyone giving one of you the side eye. Kevin and Eniko may survive the drama for a while, but the accusations may take a toll on the relationship (and Eniko’s relationship with Kevin’s kids).

Everyone Else Knows He’s Cheating

You can only be in denial so long. Poor Malaysia tried to give her balling husband Jannero Pargo the benefit of the doubt. But if you can’t trust a man it’s time to let him go.

You Have More Breakups Than Makeups

If you fight more than you get along, it’s not a good sign. Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas make a gorgeous couple, but if they don’t get along more than we see on TV, this bickering couple could be headed for divorce.

You’re Just Using One Another

Joseline needed a record deal and Stevie J needed a new bottom chick. It made for great TV but outside of the spotlight, this relationship just doesn’t have legs. Once one party can’t hold up their end of the bargain, the partnership is over.

All You Have In Common Is Sex

Did you catch Saigon and Erica Jean on Fix My Life? Those two admitted that they were just friends with benefits that decided to have a baby. Now they can’t even get along well enough to co-parent and we want to know why they’re surprised.

He’s Got A Drug Problem

A man with a habit needs to fix himself before he’s ready to be with anybody else. Poor Khloe had to learn that the hard way after months of trying to hang in there with Lamar.

His Mother Is In the Way

When you’re at odds with his mother, odds are that one of you will have to go. We know that’s at least part of the reason Erica Dixon rejected Scrappy’s proposal. They had other problems but Momma Dee’s meddling was just too much to take.

Domestic Violence

Everyone wants to believe that people can change, but one violent act usually follows another. We don’t know if Chris Brown stepped to Rihanna again but we’re secretly glad their rekindling didn’t work out.

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