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Hey All!  Do you feel as though you’re being bogged down with bad news, Kardashian weddings, and revelations about society that just makes you want to become a hermit?

I don’t blame you.  So in the spirit of enjoyment and mentally getting away, let’s have some fun in this article, shall we?

Now the creative world allows for some cross over action, and sometimes when different people from different mediums meet up, it can be great.  So, here’s  a list of 14 celebrities that had cameos in different music videos.  At the very least, enjoy some songs and their visuals.  Also, if I didn’t mention any of your favorites (which I found a ton, but shortened it down to a list of 14), share it in the comment section, and let’s have fun today!

“Dancing in the Dark”

Courtney Cox

Before she was Monica Gellar-Bing on the hit sitcom “Friends,” Courtney Cox was displaying her sweet-sweet dance moves on stage with The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

“Black or White”

Macauly Culkin, George Wendt and Tyra Banks

I forgot how many actors and models the King of Pop utilized in this music videos.  There’s a lecture at the beginning from George Wendt, who played the famous barfly Norm on “Cheers.”  There’s rebellion and a lip synching rap segment with former child star, Macauly Culkin.  There’s also a great face morphing segment at the end that will give us a glimpse of future super mogul Tyra Banks.  Enjoy all of the star power, folks!


Eva Mendes

It’s crazy how life comes full circle.  Eva Mendes was just starting out in the showbiz industry and got a part in Will Smith’s hit song/video “Miami” (you can see her at the 1:07 mark).  Then, seven years later, the two appeared in the hit movie Hitch together.


J.R. Smith

If you’ve ever wondered why the popular New York Knicks shooting guard/small forward has a Young Money tattoo on his neck, then look no further than the video Bedrock.

The NBA superstar made a cameo at the end, at the 4:35 mark, rocking a Young Money chain, showing his connection with the label.

That’s the Way Love Goes

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is proof that hard work and dedication can lead you to big things.  Also, working with your entertainment inspiration can be a boost.  After being a Flyy Girl in the hit show “In Living Color,” Jennifer Lopez went on to appear in music videos and hasn’t stopped.

The multi-millionaire still places Janet Jackson as her inspiration and sites her dancing as inspiration for her own choreography in her videos.

Touch My Body

Jack McBrayer

Any “30 Rock” fans out there?!  Yeah!  When Mariah Carey did the visuals for her hit song “Touch My Body” they used the Emmy nominated actor.  In the video.  He proves that the geek can get the girl… in their dreams.  But don’t worry, Nerds, we love you!

“Bad Boy For Life”

Ben Stiller

Rowdy, golf playing neighbors can be a pain.  But don’t worry though, because if they “write rhymes” then they’ll “write checks” as well.  So no need to worry, Ben Stiller at the 2:59 mark.  Your window will be paid for.

Shorty Wanna Ride

Malinda Williams

The visuals for the former G-Unit recording artist were inspired by the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers.  Who else to portray Young Buck’s equal other than the beautiful and talented Malinda Williams?

Also, there’s a cameo by Pauly Shore!

Number One Spot

Quincy Jones, Verne Troyer, and LisaRayeLudacris always had such fun videos, and since he sampled the running theme in the popular film franchise Austin Powers, he created a video that correlated as well.  With the help of music mogul Quincy Jones, Verne Troyer as an afro wearing “Mini Me,” and LisaRaye McCoy as his Foxy Lady, the video was a hit.

“What Goes Around… Comes Around”

Scarlett Johansson and Shawn Hatosy

The only thing more theatrical than a person seeking revenge is when you sit back and let karma handle the person who wronged you.  Which is exactly what Justin Timberlake did in the visuals for his song, with help from actors Scarlett Johansson and Shawn Hatosy.

“Cryin’,”  “Amazing,” and “Crazy

Alicia Silverstone and Company – 

Alicia Silverstone, to me, represents the domino effect that can happen in your life if you work hard.  After being seen in a bit part on the show “The Wonder Years,” she was seen by the casting director who cast her in the movie The Crush.  Marty Callner, music video director, was working with the super group Aerosmith on their video “Cryin'” and thought she would be perfect for it.  She was placed in a trilogy of Aerosmith videos that were  filled with other great actors, like Josh Holloway, Stephen Dorff, Jason London, Liv Tyler, and others.

After appearing in these videos, Amy Hecklering thought she would be perfect for her iconic role as Cher in the film Clueless.

“Love Will Never Do (Without You)”

Djimon Hounsou and Antonio Sabàto Jr. –

After years of wearing buttoned up to the chin shirts, and military inspired outfits, Janet Jackson emerged as the sex symbol that she is today in this video.  The two main male models were then unknown two time Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou and popular actor Antonio Sabàto Jr.

“Remember the Time”

Eddie Murphy, Iman and Magic Johnson

This.  Takes.  Me.  BACK!

Michael Jackson was not just the King of Pop, but the King of awesome videos!  In this Egyptian inspired magical moment, we were able to see top actors, models, and athletes with the likes of Eddie Murphy, Iman, and Magic Johnson.

Do you remember the time…?  I do, Michael.  I do.

“Blame It”

Jake Gyllenhal, Forest Whitaker, Ron Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Tatyana Ali, Cedric the Entertainer, and Others

When this video hit, the star power, my goodness!  I mean, just the shots of Ron Howard lifting up a glass of champagne was enough for me!  There’s not much to say, but great actors, great song, great video.

Now… Uh… Mr. Foxx, if you’re doing videos with people you’ve worked with… can we get one with Leonardo DiCaprio too?  Just… please?

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