Michael Ealy Speaks On Being “Hurt” By “Almost Human” Cancellation, And Why He Will Always Keep His Personal Life Private

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We had the chance to chat with the very handsome, very intelligent Michael Ealy recently to prepare for the release of About Last Night on DVD (comes out today…but did you hear about our giveaway?). We talked with him about the movie’s success, Think Like A Man Too and what we can expect from the sequel, the ups and downs of the film and TV industry and what keeps him going, and why you won’t catch him yapping about his business when it comes to his wife and son–he’s staying private.

If Success Of Think Like A Man And About Last Night Will Help More Films With Black Casts Get Made:

“I don’t think Hollywood supports anything unless they think it’s going to make money. I think the success of Think Like A Man and About Last Night, they definitely have opened some doors and there’s definitely more work to be had. Again, I think we should never lose focus on gaining some control ourselves, but in the meantime and while we’re working on that, yes, we’re getting better opportunities now than we have in recent years.”

What We Can Expect From His Character In The Think Like A Man Sequel:

“I think Dominic and Lauren are doing really, really well in the second one. They’ve found a nice little rhythm that works for them, and then their relationship is tested once again in this movie, but not for the same reasons. It’s a much more adult conflict that comes between them this time. I’m probably making it a little more dramatic than it is, but it felt like grown people’s problems. It’s not like, ‘Do you love me?’ It’s like, ‘We’ve got grown people’s problems, how do we make this work?'”

If He Was Surprised By The Huge Success Think Like A Man Was:

“Yes, but not for the reasons why you might think. I wasn’t surprised because the movie wasn’t good, I was surprised because, you can make 10 good movies in a row, and the chances that they will all do well are slim to none. That’s why you’ve got to keep working, because when lightning strikes, it just strikes. And there’s no rhyme or reason for it. It’s just about timing. You can have 10 movies in a row that are amazing, and honestly, three of them will do really, really well. It’s so hard to get that feeling that we got from Think Like A Man. You kind of have to brace yourself because it’s not going to be like that all the time. It just won’t.”

What Keeps Him Going When Shows Get Canceled And Movies Don’t Perform As Hoped At The Box Office:

“It’s the fans. I swear to you, the people who come up to me and tell me how much they love what I do, gives me all the courage, all the energy I need to keep going. I wish we did the same things for teachers and social workers and nurses. They need it too. They need fans. It started on Barbershop. Brothers coming up to me like, ‘I’m Ricky, dude. What you did is me, man.’ They really connected. Straight up. And I saw like hardened, definitely did-some-time brothas, who were like, ‘Yo, that was good s**t, bruh.’ You get that kind of stuff. And with Think Like A Man, the amount of people that were like, ‘I’m Dominic.’ That assures me that I’m doing the right thing and I’m putting stuff out there that people can relate to, and that’s my job. And it’s amazing when someone wants to give you credit for doing your job well. Everybody wants a pat on the back for doing their job well. Everybody.”

Why He Keeps The Details Of His Personal Life, Including His Son, Very Private:

“Well, you know, a lot of people who don’t know me very well think I keep it private because I’m in Hollywood, when in fact, I learned this when I was in high school. In a lot of ways now, with social media, and being in Hollywood, you’re in high school all over again. Everybody’s talking about you and what you’re doing. Not what they’re doing, but what you’re doing and who you’re with. It’s very high school to me. In high school I learned that the less people that know what I’m doing, the less distractions I have in accomplishing the kind of relationship I want. I’ve always been this way. Anybody that went to high school with me, will know that about me. In college I was private, when I got out of college I was private, and when I got into this business I was private. I will always be private because I don’t believe that by being in the public eye, you can have a healthy relationship with so many people that quite honestly, want you to fail. Last year, people wanted Will Smith and Jada Pinkett to break up. Why would you want them to break up? Does that make you feel better about yourself? We can’t exist like that. It’s better for me to be this way, and I’ve always been this way.”

His Response To Claims He Kept His Wife Private So As Not To Upset His Black Female Fan Base:

“Again, I think that’s someone who doesn’t know me. I haven’t changed. There’s no agenda behind that. Have you seen me date anyone in this business, and I was out there with it? Anyone? No! I’ve never dated anyone in this business and been out there with it, because I’m private.”

If He Thinks He Will Return To TV After Watching Three Shows He Was Star Of Get Canceled:

“I do, but I need to…after Almost Human…that one really affected me. That bothered me a lot. And really, I would say that it hurt me to lose that show. I need to kind of reboot a little bit, take some time away from television, and come back stronger. I was hurt when Sleeper Cell was canceled as well.”

After speaking with Ealy, I can say that he’s a really humble guy! Once again, About Last Night comes out on DVD today, and Think Like A Man Too will be released on June 20.

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