“We Should Pray For Him” Magic Johnson Responds To Donald Sterling’s Interview

May 14, 2014  |  

If you saw the Donald Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper, you know that he attempted to slander Magic Johnson on basically everything he stands for. He attacked him to the core. He said Magic Johnson had AIDS. (False) Said he wasn’t a good role model and doesn’t do enough for the black community. It’s laughable, really. We know what it is but still, Magic Johnson wanted to clarify a few things. In an interview with TMZ, he broke it down for us.

Check out the highlights from the interview below and then listen to the entire thing.

HIV or AIDS and whether or not he’s a role model

I think when you come on, you should have your facts straight. I don’t’ have AIDS. I have HIV. Been living with HIV for 22 years. That’s his opinion if he thinks I’m not a role model.

What he’s done for the urban community? 

Magic lists his accomplishments

– sent 10,000 minorities to college

– 150 students on scholarship

– put 50,000 minorities to work through his businesses

– built 18 technology centers so kids can have access to computers

– food and toy drives

– job fairs

“I touch urban America in so many different ways. And I’m proud of my work.”

“Then he said, ‘What does he do, work for the Dodgers?’ Well, I think he got it a little wrong. I’m the owner of the Dodgers.”

Claims that he spoke to Sterling after the audio broke

“Donald Sterling reached out to me. I took the call and I’m the one–he wanted me to go on Barbara Walters with him and try to save him and his reputation. I told him I would not go on the show with him. And I told him you should seek the advice of your attorney and try to make this go away, whether that’s making a deal with her, whatever the case may be. And no. 1 you’ve got to apologize not only to me but to all minorities out there. Because you haven’t apologized yet. He said, ‘Oh, oh no I’m going to get to that.’ Harvey not once, even today he has never apologized or to the other minorities he’s offended.”

What he thinks about Donald Sterling and this whole debacle. 

“Well you know, we got to pray for the man. I’m not going to sit here and let Donald Sterling disrupt my day, my year, my month. I’m a guy whose very secure with myself. I’m one of the most honest guys you’ll ever talk to. I got the respect of people and my partners for a reason. I don’t steal, I don’t set people up. I don’t do those type of things. I don’t know that young lady. I took a picture and all of a sudden I’m in the middle of this mess.  But at the same time I will not let you attack me without responding. I responded for myself, you don’t want me to come to your games, I won’t come. You don’t want blacks to come, well I’m going to fight for those people because I’m a proud black man. I’m one of the leaders in the black community and I take that role seriously. So I don’t have any ill feelings toward Donald. I think we all should try to get him some help. “

And last but not least, he should point the anger at the young lady that he’s in love with that put this out. I have nothing to do with this. You put me in it by saying those terrible things about me.

I think his strategy is to attack me and also pit both communities [Jewish and Black] against each other. But it’s not going to work. I got calls and text messages from both communities, all walks of people, supporting me. It’s just a shame and it’s disturbing Harvey to see him sit there. It’s sad. It’s actually, it’s sad. We just gotta pray for him.

And I just hope that he understands sometimes you gotta look up and say, I just should go and do my thing. It’s been a good ride with the team, let me sell it because I did say these bad things and just move on with your life. And then also don’t do no more interviews. I don’t’ want to be sitting here doing interviews. I’m supposed to be working, I’m supposed to be celebrating. But I’m sitting here doing interviews about something that has nothing to do with me.

Magic Johnson is such a classy dude that we believe there were probably just ten people, most likely racists, across the globe who believed any negativity Sterling spewed about him. He didn’t need to defend himself. But I find it interesting that Sterling wanted Magic to join him on Barbara Walters…for what, sir? Sterling really might need some help. Check out Magic’s full interview with TMZ in the video below.

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