Things Men Never Notice About Women

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Men just aren’t like women when it comes to attention to detail. While you may obsess over color coordinating and finding the perfect shade of lipstick to match your favorite maxi dress for your big date, he most likely doesn’t get it. That’s not to say your man doesn’t care, there are just some things men never notice about women — which means you can stop obsessing over these things to impress him.

Makeup changes

Surely your man has seen you with and without makeup, and that’s about the most you can expect him to notice about you. If you went to the store and purchased new lipstick and new blush, it’s highly unlikely that he is going to speak up about it, probably because he won’t notice it.

Hair flaws

Women focus a lot on having beautiful and healthy hair, which can take a lot of time and effort. We all wan to look good for ourselves and for our men, and we want that to be recognized. But, don’t be surprised if your man doesn’t see it when you point out your split-ends or how your hair seems a bit more frizzy today than yesterday.

Manis & pedis

Most men don’t notice or care about the color of your nails and toes or if the two colors match or not. While manis and pedis are must-haves for a lot of women, don’t think for a second that your man is going to notice immediately if you miss out on an appointment.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of those flaws that women tend to dwell on and obsess about, and we all know good and well that once stretch marks are there, they are there for good. While you may notice them in the mirror every single day, take pleasure in the fact that your man probably doesn’t see them at all. To a man they’re just wavy lines, and they rarely make a difference in how beautiful he thinks you are.


Cellulite is another body flaw that women tend to harp on over and over again. We are our own worst critics. So even if you have a little bit of cellulite on your legs or somewhere else that you think stands out and makes you gross and fat, you’re wrong. It’s unlikely that your man notices it at all. He just sees it as another part of who you are.

Shaving mistakes

How many times have you shaved your legs and skipped a certain spot? This will of course bother you to no end until you can fix it, but it’s very unlikely that your man is going to notice. Laugh it off and take care of it when you can, but don’t let it stress you out.


We all want to be able to have perfect skin that is evenly toned and blemish free. However, that isn’t always the case and some women have to deal with scars and blemishes until they fade. Though you may dwell on these spots, know that your man absolutely does not. To him they are a part of you that makes you unique and who you are.

A new haircut

Men aren’t good at noticing the small details. So if you go to the hair salon and have an inch or two cut off, don’t expect your man to notice immediately. A man will only notice that something is different with your hair if you do something drastic such as shaving your head or dyeing your hair from black to blonde. That’s an obvious change.

Your new purse

Purses and women go hand-in-hand, but when it comes to men, don’t expect your guy to notice that you bought a new MK purse to replace your old one. To a man, a purse is just something that holds all of your stuff, and he doesn’t really notice it much at all. So, unless he buys you the purse or if you point out the new one to him, don’t expect a man to notice it.

New shoes

New shoes are another thing you can expect a man not to notice. Most men don’t spend a lot of time looking at your shoes, unless he has some sort of shoe or foot fetish. Buying new shoes as a woman is heavenly but for a man, new shoes aren’t typically worth noticing, unless of course he buys them for you.

New jewelry

For most men, jewelry only matters when it’s something that he’s bought for you. If you spent hours at the mall looking for a specific bracelet or a specific pair of earrings, don’t expect your man to notice them. Despite your hard work and efforts, jewelry isn’t typically something that men notice about women.

New decor

Depending on the man, he may or may not notice a new picture on the wall. But, in most cases, don’t expect a man to notice the decorative towels you bought for your bathroom or the new wall sconces that you hung in your spare bedroom. Most men aren’t in tune with decor, which makes it hard for them to notice something new decoration wise.

Anything that involves shades

For a man, red is red, blue is blue, and purple is purple. There is no Crimson Red or Lilac. If you tell a man that you bought something in a specific shade, good luck getting him to notice it let alone realize and understand the difference. Most men are just flat out shade blind.

Your “flaws”

We all have insecurities, especially about certain flaws that we think we have. Maybe you get dark circles under your eyes sometimes or maybe your skin can have a week where you break out like no other. Crazily enough, most men won’t even notice these things. They’re minute and unimportant, and they don’t change anything about you.

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