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Meet 30 year-old Ksyn Cason, better known as “Miss Ksyn” to her fans. The 30-year old Bronx native is a professional dancer, actor and model who’s been in the industry for eight years. She’s worked with celebrities such as  Eve, Ciara, Donna Klang, Jerimih, Sean Paul, NERD, Ashanti, and most recently Beyoncé. Recently, Miss Ksyn chatted with us about  her early days in dance, how to stand out in auditions, some of personal struggles, and what it’s like working with top stars such as Beyoncé. Check out the interview below.

Madame Noire (MN): What inspired you to become a professional dancer?

Ksyn Cason (KC):  I’ve been dancing since I was five. My mom used to say that during all the family reunions I’d always be the one in the middle of the floor dancing. Anytime the newest videos came on (back when MTV played videos), I would always get up and try to imitate what I saw in the video.

I was part of a group called Teens in Motion out in the Bronx. We did  a lot of competitions. The owner of Teens in Motion ran NBK Entertainment which used to be Alicia Keys’ management. That was my first gig before I went to college.

Nothing felt right to me except when I was on stage performing.  I danced throughout college, but after college, I said I need to take this seriously.  I started off doing a lot of hair modeling,  urban stuff like Smooth and King, and music videos. I auditioned for Rhapsody James but I didn’t make it. That’s what pushed me more. I told myself I  need to be taking classes. I have the talent for performing. I just need to clean it up a bit. It probably took me about two years after college and understanding the dance world and what it really needed from me.

MN: What’s a typical day of Miss Ksyn like?

KC: I normally try to not wake up early if I don’t have to. If I don’t have auditions, I’ll do beauty tutorials. I’ll tape myself doing my makeup. Then, I normally go online and start looking up acting courses, acting auditions, and dancing auditions. I usually talk to my agent about once or twice a day. I try to get as much done as soon as I get up. If I have rehearsals, I’ll be in rehearsals for most of the day. If not, it’s really just me up setting up different photoshoots ,working on my website, my book and everything else. I also stop by my agency once a week.

 MN: What’s one thing you had to struggle with on your road to success as a dancer?

 KC: For a dancer, I am more on the thicker side. Sometimes that can be a little trying because you try to maintain your weight but as a female, you naturally have thighs, butts, and hips. You struggle with trying to figure out how to be yourself and be happy with your body as well as what you do and how you look fits into the industry that you are in. Sometimes people will say “I love your look, but we think you’re too thick.” That’s fine. At some point, it actually helped set me apart from everybody. If you want a sexy brown skin woman who is thick and is your average woman who women can relate to, then that’s me.

Because I want to get more into acting and performing,  everyone seems to be more on the slimmer slide. Sometimes I wondered, “Should I lose weight?” At the same time, I like the fact that I have a womanly body and womanly curves. For Sean Paul it fit perfectly. To be on tour with artists who understand that and want different kinds of body types is good.

MN:How do you keep in shape?

KC: Dance is basically what I do. Sometimes I need extra motivation.  Especially when I  am getting ready to get back on the road, I usually get with a trainer and try to get my body to where I want it to be. After that, I just maintain.

MN: What’s your favorite style of dance?

KC: Dancehall!

MN: Who was your favorite artist to work with?

KC: Hmmm, that’s hard. Sean Paul. I worked with him for five years. It was like a family. Beyonce! She’s inspiring within herself. To be part of that work ethic and that realm was amazing. N.E.R.D was fun to be on the road with. We basically rocked out every show. I can’t choose just one.

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