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Hey, you’ve agreed to share your body with your man—he should tell you every day how beautiful it is. He should be writing poetry about it! Okay, he doesn’t have to do that but your man should definitely be boosting your self-esteem, not taking away from it. Whether he means to or not, here are 15 signs your man makes you feel insecure about your body.


You’ve become a vegan since you started dating

You got really into nutrition when you two started dating, and are suddenly gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and all the things you said you’d never care about….meanwhile he smashes on burgers and fried food all day.

You go to the gym, just to tell him you did

If he asks what your plans are for the day, you feel guilty if you don’t mention a workout in there somewhere. And then you end up going to the gym, just because you told him you were going to.


You don’t like bringing him around your thin friend

If you absolutely have to bring him around your super fit or thin friend, you wear baggy clothing. Or you find yourself acting shy and sheepish. But in general, you try to keep her out of his sight.

You do it with the lights off

You bundle yourself up in sheets if your guy so much as shines the light from his phone on you when you’re naked.

You won’t take showers together

You shower around him as if he’s your male roommate: with every door closed, and with an enormous towel on after you exit the shower.

You have revealing clothes you’ll wear…just not around him

You have a dress that you think shows off your curves in a great way and you love to wear out for a night with the girls. But suddenly, when you know you’re going to see your guy, you think the dress makes you look fat.



You order skinny cocktails in front of him

When what you really want is a vodka pineapple. And when that’s what you actually drink when he’s not around.

You obsess over actresses he crushes on

If he mentions an actress he finds attractive, you find yourself looking at photos of her in bathing suits, looking up her measurements, looking up her diet and just generally obsessing over her.

You pick up magazines with degrading fitness headlines

The magazines that you used to consider a waste of time—you know the ones with “20 tricks for a flatter tummy” and “8 foods that are making you fat” headlines—now you devour those.

You find yourself listing what you ate to him

Out of some strange compulsion to prove to yourself and/or to him that you’re eating well, you find reasons to sneak a list of what you ate that day into conversations with your guy.





You’ve lost a ton of weight since you got together

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s one thing, of course, if you had weight loss goals even before you two got together, that you are working towards at a healthy pace. It’s another if you never really worried about your weight before, and suddenly dropped 15 pounds rapidly.


You get anxiety after eating dessert

You used to just enjoy dessert and move on, now you immediately think about how you’ll work it off the next day, and how bloated you’ll look in your underwear later.


You make excuses for the junk food in your house

If your guy so much as looks at an M&M’s bag on your counter, you find yourself saying things like, “I was stuck in traffic the other day and starving and that was the only thing in my car…I didn’t even buy it. My friend left it in my car.”

You tell him about how unhealthy your other friends are

To make yourself look better in the eyes of your guy, you find yourself gossiping to him about how unhealthy or lazy your other friends are.

You’re taking the trendy workout class…and you never do that

The classes with the obnoxious hybrid names, full of people who spend more on their workout clothes than they would an interview suit…yeah…you’re taking those now.

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