Bring Them To The Big Screen: Storm and 15 More Underrated Black Super Heroines

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X-Men: Days of Future Past has MadameNoire thinking about the extreme underuse of not only Storm, but other black superheroines who have totally kicked butt in DC and Marvel Comics yet haven’t gotten fair or any big screen presence. Where’s the justice for black women who’ve fought for justice for all in the comics? Here’s a list of 15 more black superheroines deserving of fleshed out, live-action film counterparts.


There is no doubt Storm is the most popular black superhero and one of the most popular superheroines, overall. During the 1990s “X-Men” animated series and the comic book counterparts, Storm was a leading force of the superhero team. However, since her introduction into film in 2000 and other media, Storm has taken a backseat. Halle Berry herself expressed her passion in the past about Storm getting more to do in the films. And with such a rich character history, she should!

She comes from an ancient line of African priestesses with white hair and blue eyes. She lost her family as a child due to a plane crashing into their home in Africa. She was a thief as a child. She was controlled by the Shadow King. She grew up and was recruited by Professor X. Became second-in-command and occasionally leader of the X-Men as well as the leader of the Morlocks. She’s done and endured so much… yet not much in the movies. Whatever happened to X-Men Origins: Storm?

And from the looks of it in the pic above Storm might die in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Or maybe not. Maybe, Bishop (Omar Sy) saves her or maybe the time traveling, changing the past aspect of the film saves her. All we do know is Storm has at least one scene of kicking Sentinel behind in the film.

Misty Knight

She’s known for her kick-butt partnership with Colleen Wing and Heroes for Hire. That would be a great take on a superhero team movie — Heroes for Hire. Marvel Studios probably has entertained the idea since they’re producing so many superhero movies. Knight was inspired by blaxploitation females characters of the 1970s. She’s a bionically-enhanced detective and knows martial arts.



She appeared in “Justice League Unlimited” kicking butt. She almost got her own comic series in the late 1970s, but it was cancelled. This African superheroine can mimic the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on Earth. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, add her to that upcoming Justice League movie, will ya, DC?


She went from the comic book pages to the small screen on “Young Justice” proving that superhero teams can have multiple black and female members. She has an inertia belt allowing her to manipulate kinetic energy and fly. And she’s a sister with conscious — taking on W.E.B Du Bois’ point of view. Young Justice or Teen Titan movie, please!


She’s appeared on “Teen Titans” and “Young Justice.” Will it be the movies next? Bumblebee can shrink to insect-like size. She has a solar-powered suit enabling her to fly with bee-like wings, fire sonic force blasts, and unleash electrical ‘stings’. Talk about cool bug-like abilities. It works for Spidey. 


One of Black Lightning’s daughter. She inherited her abilities of electrical manipulation, electrical aura and flight. Maybe, DC could explore doing a Black Lightning family movie.


She’s Black Lightning’s other daughter — the oldest. She can manipulate density. She promised to not become a crime-fighter until after college, which she did — following in her father’s footsteps. Yep, that Black Lightning family movie is sounding more and more grand.

Natasha Irons/Vaperlock

She’s a character who has taken on many different abilities and codenames at different times. As Starlight, she could fly, had superhuman strength and durability. As Vaperlock, she could turn her body into a gaseous substance. But she’s also known for her Steel armor. Remember, Shaquille O’Neal as Steel?! Well, if Steel could get a movie so could she, but let’s hope for a much better one — as DC-inspired movies are on the rise. 



Shard’s brother is present in the new X-men movie, but she doesn’t seem to be. It’s kind of bittersweet since in the 90s animated series they were a duo. Shard has the ability to manipulate light. Well, maybe if Bishop appears in future films, maybe so will she.


This tough chick is rough around the edges for a reason. She came from a dysfunctional household — one of domestic violence and child abuse. She wasn’t her father’s favorite child. He relied on her brother to continue the family’s line of soldiers. After her brother died, he took his abuse out on her — awakening her superhuman abilities (superhuman strength and durability) and allowing her to punch a hole straight through her father. Killing him instantly, she ran away. Future X-Men movie? Let’s hope.


And there are more black superheroines in the X-Men Universe. Krystalin is one of them. She has the ability to create crystalline constructs. She — like Shard and brother Bishop — is from the future. Year 2099 to be exact and is a X-Men in that time. With X-Men exploring time travel and changing the future for the betterment of makind in future films, she’d be a good fit.

Crimson Avenger III

She’s actually the third Crimson Avenger. But she’s pretty bad*** in her own right. She’s a member of JSA and has the abilities of intangibility and teleportation. Her origins? She was a lawyer who lost a case in which the defendant was clearly guilty. She obtained the Colt pistols used by the original Crimson Avenger and used them on the criminal. The pistols are cursed and whoever uses them for revenge must fulfilled a duty to use them on anyone who has hurt the innocent. Also, she has a symbol of a bleeding bullet hole on her chest. Sounds like the making of a great storyline for a crime action film, right?


A superheroine whose story incorporates issues of race and gender. Skyrocket was in the US Navy, but wasn’t getting anywhere with her career because of her race and gender. While seeking some perspective from her scientist parents — they developed an armored suit called Argo Harness. She wore the suit and became a superheroine. She looks like Captain America and Iron Man all in one!


Wildstreak’s (Tamika Bowden) father was a HYDRA agent (which is not good!) until his wife became pregnant with her. Her mother died while she was a small child. And she grew up to be a skilled gymnast. After she declined an offer to join HYDRA, a gang member causes an incident which results in an injury to her legs. She decides to develop an exoskeleton that would enable her to not only to walk, but gives her superhuman abilities.  She used her abilities for good and even joined the Fantastic Four. With new reboot of the Fantastic Four movie franchise — she would be great fit for the sequel of the upcoming re-imaged film series.

Photon/Captain Marvel II

Like Storm, she’s a leader. Photon/Captain Marvel led the Avengers in the comics. Her origins? She was a captain in New Orleans harbor patrol. She was exposed to extra-dimensional energy — resulting in her being able to convert her body into energy. She decides to fight crime and takes on the name — Captain Marvel. Being that the Avengers franchise is struggling with having strong superheroines and heroes of color part of the lineup, she would be a great addition to Avengers 3.


Angel Salvadore

She appeared in X-Men: First Class and was played by Zoe Kravitz. This version became a super-villainess. But maybe the producers should’ve stuck with the comic book version. It was a little forced for Salvadore to join the Hellfire Club. Not only that, the original comic book version didn’t exist within that time period. Oh well. But what’s more saddening, there are images of Angel’s wings open on display in the X-Men: Days of Future Past. This means between the events of First Class and DOFP she was killed! So no Angel in DOFP. Maybe with the changing of history, she could reappear in a future X-Men movie.

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