Update: Pastor Porsha Apologizes To Gay Community, Cynthia Calls Her Fickle

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Porsha recently released a statement about comments made in the sermon saying this: “God loves all of His children. The sermon was shown not in its entirety, therefore the message was omitted. I apologize that those words hurt the LGBT community, my fans and my supporters. Life is a journey and I’m growing every day.” 

Seems fair, but it’ll be interesting to see how people respond to it. (I’m sure it’ll blow over soon.)

Cynthia on the other hand, doesn’t find Porsha to be too sincere. Cynthia says Porsha needs to pick one team or the other. She accuses Porsha of playing both sides, condemning them to hell one day and performing a gay clubs the next. Well, isn’t this poetic. Just this past Sunday on “Watch What Happens Live,” Porsha was saying Cynthia was the flip flopper who needed to get a mind of her own

Tables have turned. 

Thoughts on Porsha’s statement? Do you think she’s taking the LGBT’s community’s money while suggesting they need to be saved from themselves?


Porsha has lived quite a few lives. From video girl, to preacher, to reality tv star and now singer. What a whirlwind! Personally, I’d never heard that Porsha used to be a pastor, so I found this video TMZ recently dug up to be quite interesting, just for the simple fact of seeing Porsha behind the pulpit delivering God’s good news in that high-pitched squeaky voice of hers.

This three year old video from the High Praise Christina Center Ministeries in Georgia shows Porsha preaching, quite emphatically about the love God has for us and how we as Christians need to be sure to show that love to others. But the message became a little controversial when Porsha said Christians need to save hookers, drug dealers, suicidal people and gays and lesbians.

Her exact words:

“…And he did that because of our inequities. So don’t let the devil tell you, you ain’t worthy of God’s blessings. He wants to use you no matter what. That’s why we Christians supposed to be telling the hooker on the street, the drug dealer, the person in the hospital who’s trying to commit suicide, the gays the lesbians. We’re supposed to be trying to save them and tell them ‘You are worthy!’ God can use you. God can use me…”

So the issue obviously is that Porsha is equating being gay or lesbian as a sin and people who identify as such needing to be saved. Naturally, this type of thinking, though it’s blanketed in a message of acceptance and love is still problematic and being interpreted by some as clandestine hate. I can also see the argument that since the gays and lesbians have historically been regarded as unworthy, it’s time for us to start spreading a new message, period. Still there’s that saved part. People are arguing that Porsha, a southern girl, has probably been raised all her life to think and believe that homosexuality is a sin but at least she’s not saying these people should be condemned, just you know saved from themselves…so they won’t end up eternally damned.


It doesn’t look good but the only out Porsha has here is that this video was made three years ago and she can claim she no longer believes this or that she was arguing that we should no longer condemn this community and skip out on the saving them from themselves aspect of her message. She might not speak on it at all actually and pretend it never happened. TMZ said they reached out to her and no one responded. I wonder if Andy Cohen has seen this tape…

What do you think about this mini sermon? How do you interpret the message? Was Porsha saying being gay is a sin and these people need salvation or was this just a message against hate? Furthermore, do you find it strange that Porsha used to be a preacher? Do you think she needs a little saving of her own these days?

Watch a snippet of the sermon in the video below.

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