Ask A Very Smart Brotha: He Has A Little Person Fetish And I’m Afraid He’ll Leave

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Lakeisha: Why do men still lie when you done caught them cheating?

DY: People (men and women) lie because, for them, its easier than telling the truth.


Chyna: I have a question: if I feel like all my man wants is sex, but he claims he doesn’t, yet that’s what he talks about the most. Does that mean all he wants is sex or does he just really likes mine? I don’t want to get upset for misunderstanding. Thanks.

DY: Nothing wrong with wanting sex. And definitely nothing wrong with enjoying sex with your mate. But, there is something wrong if sex dominates all of your communication.


Lawanda: My man is always working…He doesn’t call or text me. What does that mean when he puts his job first ?

DY: Have you expressed that you’d like for him to call and text you more often? (Also, does he have the type of job that doesn’t really allow him to make personal calls while he’s working?)


Englande: I broke up with my ex after 3 weeks via text, due to a lack of communication on his part. There has been no communication since then. Am I foolish to want him back? If not, how do I go about getting him back?

DY: You broke up after being together for three weeks, broke up by text, haven’t heard from him since, and want him back? Every single thing you said just now is foolish.

Camille: Damon, a friend of mine has a boyfriend who has a midget little person fetish. She doesn’t know what to do and is afraid he’ll leave her for one. What advice can you give my friend?

DY: Give up. You know what they say: Once you go midget, you can’t go…fidget.

Shay: How long do you think a person should be single after a long relationship, before they seek a companion?

DY: Don’t believe in arbitrary time constraints. A person should start dating when they feel like they’re gotten over the old relationship and are ready to start dating. Sometimes that can be two weeks. Sometimes it can be two years. Either way, it depends on the person.

Kizzy: How long should you wait you meet significant others family?

DY: I think it’s best to wait until you’re both convinced it has the potential to be a long-term relationship.


La’Onya: I’m currently dating someone who for some reason barely calls or texts. When he does it’s only certain times of the day. Do I have a reason to believe that he is also dating someone else?

DY: It’s possible. It’s also possible that he’s just at work. And, maybe he just has free nighttime minutes.

Shahdae: Are we living during a time that there are a shortage of identifying single men of color or is the idea of “sharing” just supposed to be the expected normalcy when it comes to dating?!

DY: There are many, many men and women in monogamous relationships. The ones who “share” share because they’re okay with sharing. If you’re not okay with it, don’t do it.

Roxie: It’s been almost two years and we still aren’t exclusive. I haven’t pushed. I enjoy taking time but should I start to hint that we should be exclusive. Neither one of us are seeing other people…

DY: If that’s what you want, you need to speak up. But, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t agree. Two years is a long time to wait before having the “exclusive talk.”

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