“I Felt Threatened”: Porsha Speaks On Why She Fought Kenya, Her Mugshot, And Reveals That Kordell Hit Her

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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Porsha Williams, right? Even after that big fight between her and Kenya aired on Part I of the reunion last week, she kept mum while her castmates all took sides. But what we didn’t know was that on Friday, in LA, Porsha taped an in-depth conversation with Access Hollywood to talk about everything: that fight, her mugshot, her marriage, and more. It was very interesting. Porsha has a second part of her interview airing tomorrow that will touch more on bullying she dealt with as a child, and how that played into her attack on Kenya, but until then, here the highlights from Part I:

On Her Mugshot:

“I had to turn myself in, so I had time to kind of look nice. Wasn’t the best idea once I got in there. Once I got in there I’m all glammed out, and I was actually in jail. There were actually other prisoners there around me and everything. I was trying to make lemonade out of lemons.”

If The Prisoners Knew Her:

“They actually did. It was men, women– we all were together. They were all yelling my name.”

Alleged Domestic Abuse From Kordell:

“The video [“Flatline”] does touch on domestic violence and some abuse I encountered in my marriage. It’s not exact to what I went through, because, honestly, what I went through was a little bit worse in some instances.”

Billy Bush: “What happened in the marriage?”

Williams: “Abuse. Physical abuse.”

Bush: “Did he hit you?”

Williams: “Yeah. There were several different occasions that this happened. When you’re in an abusive situation, it kind of just builds, and it starts to get worse and worse. And people ask me, why didn’t you tell anybody or call the police or what have you? I just thought that I could make it better. I honestly thought after each situation that I would change this or I would change that, and therefore the outcome wouldn’t be the same. It doesn’t work like that. I’m still realizing now that a lot of what happened, it wasn’t my fault.”

If Kordell Ever Admitted To Violence, And Why She Never Said Anything:

“When we were going through the divorce process, we had to sit in deposition hearing, and he didn’t deny it.

A lot of women who are in situations like I was in, I wanted to make it better. I was praying every day. I was cooking. I was smiling. The outside appearance was as if nothing was happening. Even though you’re being abused, you still love that person, you’re just trying to love them through it. And you’re trying to pray them through it and you’re not realizing that you can’t change a person, they have to change themselves.

I never went to the hospital. I never reported anything. There were [visible injuries], but I’ll tell you the ones that have stuck with me the most is the mental abuse. I had so much pride in being a wife and being a mother and what that meant to me was big. So for me to be told I was lazy, and that I was stupid and that I wasn’t good enough and that nothing I could do was right, that was really, really hard for me…When someone is constantly ridiculing you, I’m always trying to live up to what that person thinks of me, it’s hard.”

Why She Called Kordell A “Queen”:

“I call a lot of people queen, honestly…It wasn’t me calling him necessarily gay. I haven’t spoken out on that and I won’t. To me, that’s his life. If he says he isn’t I guess that’s what he wants you to believe. I’m concerned about Porsha, and being better and growing from what I went through.”

On Her Fight With Kenya:

“I see the wand so I’m sitting there, this is a wand, what is she about to do with that. Then I realize she’s using it as an extension of her arm, so I’m like ok cool as long as she doesn’t bring it over here, I’m fine.. I saw the hate. I saw the anger. I saw all of that in Kenya’s eye that moment. And I felt threatened, honestly I did, it was a weapon.

It was so emotional. And when I hit that floor and I started screaming and NeNe was covering my mouth and Phaedra was standing there, it was like sisters. This show is difficult for all of us. They come at me, I come at them, we come at each other. But at the end of the day, we can all pick up the phone and call each other and say, ‘How do you feel today? I know today’s taping was rough.’ Kenya doesn’t have that type of relationship with any of us. So when they saw me on the floor, they knew what I had taken from her, and the bullying she had put me through for two years straight while I was married. Once I got through my divorce, here I am, I’m in the studio, I’ve done my “Flatline” song, I’m feeling successful for once on my own, and here I am sitting on the couch strong, and here she is wanting to tear me down. And so I’m on the floor, and I felt like my sisters were around me. They wanted to make sure I was okay at that moment. And for me, I will never ever forget that. Ever. I don’t care where this show goes for me, I’ll never forget those women for being there for me.

I think they’re backing me, but I’d like to take me out of it. Because I stand for a bigger purpose. It’s not about Porsha. Because I don’t even feel like people have gotten to know Porsha. I think people are standing up for bullying. People are standing up for someone who doesn’t show another human respect.”

Interesting enough, Access Hollywood reached out to Kordell Stewart about the abuse allegations, and he responded, saying:

“It’s not true. I’ve never abused her. Never put my hands on her. Never.”

Check out the clips from both chats and share your thoughts below.



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