“Cynthia Is No Angel”: Ladies Talk Porsha, A Tipsy Mama Joyce Defends Herself, NeNe And Cynthia Go At It; RHOA Reunion Part II

April 28, 2014  |  
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While last week’s episode had all the “action” per se, this week had the real drama, including the fallout between Cynthia and NeNe. The ladies talked about who should get the blame for the fight between Porsha and Kenya, Mama Joyce was (happily) put on the hot seat, and Cynthia and NeNe faced the end of the road as friends. As always, let’s talk about it all.

Porsha Sent Home, Ladies Speak On Who’s To Blame For Fight

After the fight that had everyone talking, the women and Andy reconvened–without Porsha. When asked what happened with that whole embarrassing scuffle, Kenya stated the obvious about Porsha: “She just kind of lost control.” But the other ladies were quick to let Kenya know that she made Porsha lose control. Just ask NeNe:

“You were pointing that thing in her face and blowing that bullhorn in her face…you’re not innocent, you put it in her face.”

But Cynthia said that when you come to the reunions, it should be expected that you’re going to have to answer some tough questions and deal with some animosity, so there was no real reason for Porsha to put her hands on Kenya:  “I did not feel like Porsha was under attack.” All in all, Kenya had this to say: “You don’t put your hands on anyone, and anyone who does should not be allowed to sit on this couch.” And as we all saw, Porsha was not allowed back on her end of the couch.

Kenya Plays The Victim Card Again

While it was agreed that Porsha should have kept her hands to herself, Kenya rubbed Porsha’s bad behavior in, saying that despite her differences with the women of the cast, “We should all stick together when it comes to violence against women.” Eyes were rolled (and NeNe just flat out ignored her, until the two ladies got into it moments later and NeNe told her, “Don’t make me call Porsha!”).

Recounting The Follies Of The “Big Homie,” Chuck

There have been so many big moments in this season of RHOA, and one of them includes encountering Chuck Smith and listening to him talk and act like a fool when speaking about his past relationships with Kandi and Phaedra. One minute he was sweet during the trip he took with Phaedra and NeNe to Athens, Ga., the next, he was calling Phaedra and Kandi “part of the team.”

“I couldn’t understand why he was trying to malign Kandi and I,” said Phaedra. But the ladies summed it up as Chuck looking to get some fame now that his football career has come, and been gone.

Kandi ended the convo on Chuck Smith (who we hope to never see on the show again…and he can take Mynique with him) saying: “Clearly we weren’t with you for the sex, because there wasn’t much to offer there.”

Phaedra And NeNe Speak On Their Budding Friendship

While friendships were tested and lost this season, one reconciliation of sorts came between NeNe and Phaedra. They traveled to Athens together (as I said on the last slide) and seemed to appreciate one another’s humor. However, Kandi was quite skeptical of this friendship, considering how shady NeNe can be, and the fact that not too long ago, NeNe couldn’t stand Phaedra. But NeNe seemed annoyed to be questioned about her motives for making nice, asking Kandi, “Do you all want us to continue to fight?”

Mama Joyce Is Quite Pleasant (Or Tipsy?) When She’s Not Dealing With Todd…

Mama Joyce made an appearance to discuss her behavior this past season, and while she’s usually giving the “don’t make me go there” face, she seemed exceptionally cheerful and happy to get some time to shine in her gown. And did we mention that Joyce dropped 40 pounds (“See what stress will do for you?”)? When asked about dealing with people’s criticism of her online, she said that she handled things okay, until everyone heard about her attempts to get Todd out of Kandi’s life. “I regret the fact that that they said that I set him up.” She also recounted the time that Todd’s mom called her out of her name (“Oh, she called me a b***h”) and had to be held back by Kandi. While folks might not be feeling her, she’s clearly not letting it get to her.

Is Mama Joyce Afraid Of Losing Kandi Or Kandi’s Money?

One thing that became a testy moment was when Mama Joyce addressed statements (including those of Cynthia, who implied that she was living off of Kandi) made by fans of the show that Joyce was giving Todd such a hard time because she didn’t want to lose the free ride Kandi might have been giving her. Joyce said she actually has done quite well for herself all these years, without the assistance of Kandi (though she acknowledged that her daughter gave her $700 a month at one point). But Kandi said she had to cut back on the money she gave her money because she wasn’t spending properly, instead wasting money “on gambling and the Home Shopping Network.” But Mama Joyce says despite what people think about her (including Kandi), she worked incredibly hard raising her kids, didn’t get on welfare, and raised a millionaire. Respect is due: “These people that sit around and criticize, these people didn’t know what I went through.”

Cynthia On Being NeNe’s Lapdog

Time to get to the juicy stuff. Seems that after watching everything play out with the audience when NeNe called Peter a “b***h”, Cynthia has been having her issues with her BFF. According to her, NeNe doesn’t show respect. “I have been extremely loyal, to the point that people think that I just live up Nene’s a**. I’ve tried to be that good of a friend to her…but if that respect is not there, it doesn’t really matter.” She also feels like she can’t tell NeNe when she does things wrong, because NeNe is incapable of being wrong. However, NeNe said that Cynthia played the victim after the b-word episode aired, running on Twitter and letting people get in her ear. But if you ask NeNe, she’s loyal and respectful. “I have been an equally good friend to you, so this relationship is not one-sided.”

Has NeNe Been A Good, Bad Or Selfish Friend?

As Cynthia broke down about feeling that NeNe doesn’t show her enough respect, NeNe, who already was looking less than jovial about being at the reunion, seemed unfazed. But she eventually snapped when Andy Cohen called her on it: “I’m not going to discuss my friendship with Cynthia with you all.” She said that Andy, and the ladies, who know nothing about her friendship with Cynthia, don’t really care, so she’s not going to dish on their business. But Kandi told her what viewers have been saying for a while now: “It comes off like you’re a selfish friend sometimes…You just be like, ‘Oh well.'” NeNe disagreed, saying that the way she reacts to people and their pain (like when Cynthia was crying after NeNe’s criticism of how she deals with Noelle) is different than others, but that’s just who and how she is.

Is This The End For Cynthia And NeNe?

So what’s next for NeNe and Cynthia? To be honest with you, this is the first time Cynthia has actually stood up for herself and done so with not a f**k to give. It seems that she’s at the end of her rope with NeNe and her foolishness. “I don’t know how aware she is that she can be shady.”

When NeNe wasn’t feeling this new backbone Cynthia had, she just said, “Whatever Cynthia, throw your little shade.” She went on to tell a nosy Kenya (who jumped in to tell NeNe to fight for her friendship), and the world, that Cynthia is no angel. But Cynthia calmly responded to NeNe’s comments with a statement that showed that she was at peace with everything, even if her friendship with the queen bee of RHOA is over: “I miss NeNe, but I’ll be okay. Sometimes you just come to the end of the road with people.”

So is this the end of the road for those two? And what did you think of this reunion episode?


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