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Dating a bad boy with potential to be a good man? Sometimes, all it takes is the right woman to turn a bad boy good and make him want to drop his partying and playing ways. If you’re up for the challenge, here’s how to do it.






When he’s thoughtful, point it out

When he—even inadvertently—does something thoughtful like pick up books that fell for someone or open the door for someone, go gaga over it, throwing your arms around his neck, kissing him and saying how sweet that was.

When he fails to plan, be unavailable

If he calls you at 6 pm asking to see you at 8pm, even if you’re free, tell him you’re not and that you already made plans days ago. Make him learn to respect your schedule. Make him realize your time is valuable and he is lucky to have it.

Date other men

Bad boys are used to women swooning over them and being totally at their mercy—don’t be one of those women. Date other men, and let your bad boy know it.

But don’t aim to make him jealous

On that last note, be casual and subtle in dropping the hint you’re dating around. If it seems like you’re aiming to make him jealous, he’ll think you’re a game-player just like he is, and he won’t want to change for you.








When he’s responsible, act turned on

When he makes strides in his career or even just skips a party to babysit for his brother’s kid, let him know how sexy you think that is. Even reward him…if you’re at that point.





Be extremely humble

Most bad boys are bad boys because they’ve dealt with too many divas who demanded everything of them, and broke their hearts in the end. So show that you are not a diva. Be extremely humble, barely talk about yourself unless asked, and be very low maintenance.








Make him wait to sleep with you

Don’t sleep with him until at least date #10. Making him wait that long is the only way you can know that he would wait that long for you. And, again, it shows him that you’re not a game player or someone who sleeps around.


The first time you sleep with him, leave right after

This is admittedly a bit of a game, but it will snap that bad boy right out of the illusion that he is the one in charge. After you have sex for the first time, do a little cuddling—sure—but then casually get dressed and say you need to get up early the next day, so are going home. When he sees that you don’t become clingy after sex, he’ll want to learn what does make you want to lean on a man.

Be in awe of other good men

Talk about good deeds you’ve seen good men do. Even when it happens in front of you, compliment other good men extensively for your bad boy to see. It will A) make him want to strive for those types of compliments and B) make him jealous.







Let him be there for you in a hard time

Turn to him when you’re having a hard day, but don’t be overly dramatic about it. Just ask if he’ll meet you for a drink because you’ve had a rough day, and then casually talk to him about what you’re going through. When he sees how good it feels to console someone, he’ll look for other ways to be sweet to you.

Only be available late at night or early in the mornings

To force him to give up some of his partying ways for you, only be available after 10 pm or before 2pm. That way, if he really wants to see you, he’ll stay sober at night to drive to you, or skip partying altogether so he’s not hungover to see you for a morning date.

Stay sober when he gets drunk

The first few times you go out to bars together, he’s bound to slip up and get wasted. Stay totally sober so he feels like a fool when he’s drunkenly all over you and you’re clearly so turned off by that. That will teach him.

Pay for yourself the first few dates

As an added effort to show you’re not a diva or a princess, insist on paying for your half the first few dates. Better yet, when he’s in the bathroom, slip the waitress your credit card for your half so you don’t even have to argue with him about it. He’ll be slightly insulted and he’ll want to strive to be the type of man you’d let buy dinner for you.






Give him a gift that’s just for him

Give him a gift, but in a manner that shows you have zero expectations in return. If you can, have something delivered to him at work or his home, and don’t even give it to him yourself. Make it a total man’s gift—not even something you can enjoy in with him. He’ll be blown away with how totally selfless you are: you don’t even need to be there for the “thank you!”

Bring him around other good men

And last but certainly not least, bring him around your friends and the good men they are dating. Show him what life can be like when he stops partying and being a player—maybe he’ll like it.

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