Dating Someone With a Sexually Transmitted Infection

February 18, 2011  |  

What traits do you look for in a potential mate? Your list probably includes qualities such as physically attractive, trustworthy, affectionate, intelligent, financially stable and considerate.  The one thing you may not find on that list is a positive STI result.  As Keri Hilson stated, “Every woman has a breaking point.”  Most women can compromise on a variety of negative traits that their man might possess.  A little laziness is something that can be tolerated.  A lack of bedroom ability can be improved upon.  But a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is something that most women can’t seem to see past, especially if it’s one that cannot be cured.

Let’s look at a bit of background information, shall we?  The most commonly transmitted STIs usually fall into one of two categories: curable and incurable.  Most viruses that begin with the letter “H” fall into the incurable category.  Herpes and HPV are viruses that can cause discomfort as well as medical and social consequences, but for the most part can be managed with medication.  People infected with Herpes or certain strains of HPV will most likely not die due to their infection, but will remain infected for life.  HIV and Hepatitis B and C are also chronic but more likely to result in death, especially if the person in not managing their disease with medication and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Becoming infected with any of these viruses is NOT necessarily a death sentence and many people live healthy and fulfilling lives regardless of their status.

Parasitic infections such as Pubic Lice and Scabies as well as bacterial infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can all be cured with medication. Uncomfortable? Yes.  Deadly? Probably not.  It’s important to be tested regularly, since infected persons can be asymptomatic.  When left untreated, these infections can cause complications and permanent damage such as miscarriage, sterility and infertility.  Other diseases that can be cured include syphilis and trichomoniasis.

Now that we’ve learned a little about how STIs can affect the body physically, consider the effects that they can have on your social life as well as your sex life.  Unlike your common cold or stomach virus, an STI carries with it a stigma of shame and embarrassment.  Most people assume that when a person is infected with an STI, that they are promiscuous, dirty or dumb.  Because monogamous, intelligent and sanitary people don’t get STIs right?  The truth is that STIs don’t discriminate.  They couldn’t care less if you can perform quadratic equations or if you’ve only had sex with one person, all it takes is one act of unprotected intercourse with someone who is infected.  But what about those of us who are on a first name basis with the Trojan man?  Keep in mind that genital warts can be spread through skin to skin contact. While condoms are better than nothing at all, the only way to stay completely safe is by abstaining from sex altogether.

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