Dirty Daddy, Loose Ends & Truth Telling: Scandal Finale Recap

April 18, 2014  |  
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I dug the way they handled last night. It was a lot of subtly but still some major things went down, we started looking at key characters differently and there was just enough left up in the air to make us tune in for season four.

An evacuation

The way last week’s episode ended, we just knew that a gang of people were going to die in that church. But at the last minute, Jake comes through and tells the president himself that people are in danger because we all know Cyrus surely wasn’t. So no lives were lost. But Cyrus’ plan backfired in the nastiest way possible. Sally’s advisor rips her sleeve, smears mud on her face and tells her to go and “Be Jesus.” And she’s painted as the hero, helping the injured, looking like a Mother Teresa out there. It’s a good news story and certainly a boost for her campaign. It works so well, all the major news stations, cut away from the President of the United States’ speech to show Sally playing holy. Though it’s clearly his fault, Cyrus admits to Liv that today was the day they lost the election.

Huck and Quinn

This two have been wanting each other for so long, they have no ack right. And when they think the rest of the gladiators are gone, they’re caught slipping as Abby and Harrison catch Huck giving Quinn the D from behind. So sloppy these two. Though I love them together, I can’t have Quinn bringing Huck down to her level of ineffectiveness.

Fitz dangles Vermont again

Now that Fitz is sure he’s going to lose the election, he tells Olivia that he’ll divorce Mellie and the two of them will run away to Vermont where he can be mayor and Olivia can make her jam and they’ll have two children. Pssshhh… boy bye. And though we don’t know, we already know that’s not going to happen.

Olivia Tells Fitz the real

And then a second later we find out why. Olivia tells Fitz that it was his father who raped Mellie. Initially he thinks she’s lying and then since Olivia says so, he believes it and is very sympathetic to Mellie.

Huck Finds His Family

When Quinn tells Charlie she’s leaving him for Huck, he seeks revenge by giving Huck a file that contains information on his family. Immediately Huck freaks out and tells Quinn he doesn’t want to see her anymore.

Fitz says he can’t leave her now

I wouldn’t want you if knowing what you know you left her now. I’m sure that was just the politically correct thing to say. But I have to admit a part of me found Fitz admirable for the first time in a long time. And if the rape wasn’t enough, shortly after that their son passed out on stage and later died in the hospital.


Mama Pope is trying to protect Olivia

Mama Pope tells Olivia that she’s really fighting the wrong battle and needs to leave Fitz alone. She says that he’s using her and once he’s done, he’ll throw her away. But I’m truly confused. If Mama Pope wasn’t the one who poisoned Jerry Grant, what exactly was her point in terrorizing DC for so long? Someone suggested on Twitter that Mya Pope was only out because Rowan allowed it.

Get Away Liv

Olivia comes to the conclusion that she’s really the problem. Everything that’s gone wrong since the beginning of the show is somehow connected to her. She believes her mother is the one who killed Fitz’s son, she started Defiance, which started all of this. “It’s me. I’m the thing that needs to be fixed. And the best way to deal with a scandal is to shut it down.” And so she decides now that Fitz has won the election that it’s time for her to leave and get away like her father wanted. She does and just before she gets on the plane, Jake asks her once again to take him with her. And even though she tells him she’s in love with another man, Jake tells her to leave it behind and they hope on a plane together and fly off into the sunset.


Dirty Daddy

Just before Daddy Pope sends Olivia off on that plane, he asks her what she wants. And she tells him that she wants Fitz to win the election fairly. And Daddy Pope believes he’s doing the right thing by going to very extreme measures to accomplish that goal. Later, Daddy Pope says that he had no problem killing Fitz’s child because he took Olivia. Sigh. Daddy Pope needs to wake up. Fitz didn’t take her, everybody knows Olivia went willingly.


Poor Fitz

Last night was the first time I felt sorry for Fitz. He’s literally sacrificed everything to hold this office, his marriage, his morality and now the life of his son. He’s so low that he completely bypasses the liquor and just collapses on the floor. Mellie comes to comfort him, sitting on the floor with him. And though they’ve just lost their child together, he asks where’s Olivia. And she doesn’t even answer the phone.


“Too be young, gifted and black”

The show ends with a cliffhanger. Harrison is the one who deduces that Daddy Pope was actually the man who had the most to gain from killing little Jerry and sending Olivia away. He got his daughter away from the president, got to go back to being command and threw Mama Pope in the hole. And while he did all of those things I still can’t be sure that they’re not working together.

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