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On this special day, some folks will be celebrating Easter and others… well, the date, 4/20. In celebration of 4/20, MadameNoire has 16 more of the VERY MANY celebrity potheads — who have famously advocated, “quit” and made headlines for smoking weed!

Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg… or Lion is the ultimate celebrity and hip-hop’s pothead. The ultimate! Like, he can’t be matched. The Doggystyle rapper tried to give up pot in the past, but that didn’t last. In fact, the President of Weed shares weed with his children, and he smokes about 81 BLUNTS A DAY! That’s dedication. He’s among many other rappers who are known for a nice blunt.


Wiz Khalifa

Snoop Lion isn’t the only rapper famous for his love of weed. Khalifa is too! And he loves talking about marijuana in his music. He definitely talks about it, “In the Cut,” “Gone,” “Surface to Air,” “Who I Am” and “Still Blazin.” And on some of these tracks, he collaborated with Curren$y to share their love for Mary Jane.

He definitely loves it in his day-to-day life. And fatherhood is most likely not slowing his smoking down. Let’s just hope he doesn’t share blunts with his kids like Snoop Lion does!

Justin Timberlake

This former boy bander and mega pop star talked about his love for Mary Jane with Us Weekly.

He said, “the only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking. Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

He believes weed should be legalized, of course. Apparently while performing in Denver once, he said, “It smells legal in here.”  He smokes with his mother sometimes and was even high when Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” him!



Rick Ross

He’s been photographed with a joint, pounds of weed and smoke coming out of his mouth. Rozay is no stranger to talking about his love for Mary Jane in his music.

But were the seizures he had years ago caused by Mary Jane? It was definitely rumored. It was also said he tried to smoke 100 blunts. Well, that’s nothing compared to the 81 A DAY Snoop Lion smokes!

Rick Ross told Rolling Stone his seizures in 2011 were probably because of weed, “I’m most definitely an avid user, a pothead, however you want to look at it. I call it green caviar. It’s like a short vacation – it helps me chill out. And people really love it when I chill out, because I can really be a dickhead.”




Rihanna doesn’t hide the fact she likes to get high. Next to posting photos of herself naked, her favorite selfies include a blunt and smoke coming out of her mouth

And let’s not forget that “Diamonds” single cover when she made reference to pot while rolling up diamonds in a joint holder.

She tweeted lyrics from rumored boyfriend Drake, “Kush rolled, glass full … I prefer the better things!”

RiRi is definitely as much of an open pothead as she is the ultimate bada$$.


Kirsten Dunst

She believes the world would be better if everyone smoked some weed. She says her view on Mary Jane is different from American society — confessing her love for that ganja.

Looks like Dunst loves “Mary Jane” as much as Spiderman.

Morgan Freeman

Freeman has admitted he is never giving up that ganja. He might have given up other drugs, but never will he give up Mary Jane. He believes it’s “God’s own weed.”

Freeman is always honest. That’s what makes him so cool. But does anyone else wonder if he’s high underneath those glasses in the photo to the left? Hmm…


Miley Cyrus

Wiz Khalifa said it himself. Cyrus smokes a ton of weed, “I don’t know. She’s younger so it’s different. Every five minutes she kept being like, ‘Wiz, you don’t have a joint rolled? What’s up?’ And she’s just blowin’ like a train.” 

Her friends even made her Bob Marley cake and she admitted this was definitely because she’s a stoner.

There you have it, Cyrus is a pothead. And ‘she can’t stop!’

Justin Bieber

Bieber was photographed smoking pot and apologized for it on “Saturday Night Live” to his fans. He doesn’t apologize (not really) for most of his antics these days (unless it’s forced) and his arrogance is an example of that. Clearly he didn’t learn anything, but that he loves pot.

His smoking habits increased in Atlanta and he left abandoned ganja in an investigated Escalade after he was arrested for taking a photographer’s camera.

Then, he rejected a plea deal in his resisting arrest case that involved him giving up marijuana.

It seems as though his pot use always lead to legal trouble.

Lady Gaga

Guess how Lady Gaga gets her creative juices flowing? She smokes a lot of pot in order to write her music.

Although she doesn’t really talk about her love for ganja like Wiz Khalifa musically, her songs sound like they could be the songs of a pothead. In her unique way, this is a good thing!

Maybe she should smoke up some marijuana for a new direction for her next album. She produces great music, but it might be time for her to make some of her own.

Megan Fox

She acknowledged her love for pot many times, “I’ve done drugs. I didn’t enjoy anything other than marijuana. I don’t even think of it as a drug – it should be legalized.”

If anyone would be happy about the legalization of marijuana, it would be Fox. In the meantime, maybe the actress should move to Colorado. 

Matthew Mcconaughey

Everyone remembers the bongos incident, right? No? Well, you should. I’ll recap it for you:

In Austin, TX in 1999 a neighbor complained about the actor’s loud music. When police arrived, he was high on marijuana (and possibly something else), dancing around in the nude and playing his bongos.

Yep, that’s what happened and he will forever be known as a marijuana-smoking bongos “hero” for that one incident.

Lil Wayne

He has said he stands by marijuana any day. As a rapper and gangster, he basically told Katie Couric he’s no stranger to Mary Jane.

In fact, a few years ago he talked about how he missed Mary Jane and how it’s horrible to be off of it.

He was later featured on Gunplay’s “Kush” with Rick Ross. So his love for Mary Jane still exists.


Shia Labeouf

With hippies as parents, it only makes sense for him to be an open-minded individual — especially when it comes to pot.

Then again it really comes as no surprise he had his first joint before his first drink. In fact, his parents believe smoking pot is a lot safer than alcohol.

Whoopi Goldberg

If anyone saw Goldberg at the Oscars in 1991, you would’ve suspected she was high. She definitely was stoned and admitted she was high when she accepted her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Ghost.

She later told E Online, “And I thought, ‘I’ve got to relax. So I smoked this wonderful joint that was the last of my home-grown.”

“I learned a great lesson, though: Never smoke pot before there’s a possibility of having to talk to a hundred million people.”


Barack Obama

President Obama had a very smoky past as a teenager. Obama admittedly confessed his love for Mary Jane as a younger person. (And not to mention how dark it made his lips… he’s definitely a former pothead). And was photographed to the left smoking a joint as a young man. “When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point,” he said.

But that didn’t keep him from his studies or from becoming successful. Instead of causing that much backlash, it most likely made him look cooler. (Not endorsing drug use or anything, just saying). Or it made him look like he should support legislation to legalize the drug. But thank you for your honesty President Obama.










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