Where Are They Now? Our Favorite ’80s And ’90s Crushes

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These men were the fine fellas we were crushing on when we were much younger, and to this day, when we see throwback episodes of their shows or watch their old music videos, we can’t help but swoon. But what are they looking like now? Some you’ve seen, while others have been in hiding over the years. Here are 15 past celebrity crushes and the details on where they are and what they’re looking like now.

Michael DeLorenzo & Malik Yoba

Detectives JC Williams and Eddie Torres chased down bad guys, went undercover, dealt with family drama, and looked damn good while doing all of it on New York Undercover. I personally was a fan of Yoba’s looks during the shows four-season run, while my colleague was head-over-heels for DeLorenzo. So what are they looking like now? Hey, it’s been more than 15 years since the show ended, and Yoba is in his 40s, DeLorenzo in his 50s–so be nice. Yoba is still going strong on the acting front, just finishing up work on VH1’s Single Ladies and the TV movie Empire, but DeLorenzo has slowed down, his last role being in the movie The Employer in 2013.

Big Daddy Kane

It wasn’t just the music everyone loved when it came to Big Daddy Kane. He was chocolate goodness, tall and cool, with some awesome dance moves and lyrics that helped his female fan base grow big time back in the ’80s and ’90s. All these years after “Ain’t No Half-Steppin'” and he still looks like a tall glass of water.

Larenz Tate

I’ve loved Larenz Tate in most of the roles he’s played in his career (I could even see the fine-ness when he was Mystikal’s twin, aka, O-Dog in Menace II Society), and he’s had quite a long and successful one. And throughout a career that has spanned almost 30 years, he’s still managed to look quite youthful.

Aka, he’s still fine!

Also, he’s still working, getting roles alongside Don Cheadle on House of Lies on Showtime, and on the new TV series, Mr. Robinson with comedian Craig Robinson.

Mekhi Phifer

There was something about Mekhi that was always sexy. He was rugged I guess you can say (or maybe that was just the type of characters he ended up playing throughout the ’90s), but now at 39 going on 40 this year, he comes off warm and cute. And yeah, he might have a little more meat on him, but he’s still a cutie. Also, Mekhi has been getting good work, including a role in the recent hit, Divergent. 

Gary Dourdan

The man fondly known as Shazza Zulu on A Different World is now 47, and despite some drug and legal issues here and there in the past, he’s managed to get himself together and stay looking pretty good. And now, he’s back to work after a brief break. As we told you earlier, he will have a role as a romantic love interest for Mary Jane on BET’s Being Mary Jane, and he’ll also have a small role on the final season of Glee. 

Luke Perry & Jason Priestley

You know 90210 was everything in the ’90s, and so were Jason Priestley and Luke Perry. Now 44 and 47, they don’t look that much different than their heartthrob years, and they both have continued getting work. When Priestley isn’t directing TV shows, he has guest spots on shows like Hot In Cleveland. And as for Perry, he’s just finished filming five new films.

Omar Epps

While he might not look exactly like he did in Juice or Higher Learning or even Love and Basketball, Omar Epps is winning career wise, and still looking good. His new ABC show Resurrection, is quite a big hit, and he’s doing big things (sometimes in a skirt/kilt if he feels like it).

Al B. Sure

Al B. Sure and his unibrow (and those interesting dance moves of his) were all the rage back in the day, but after the era of the light skin, curly-haired crooner kind of came and went in the late ’80s, he kind of stepped out of the limelight. But he’s still around, even on social media (the photo below is from his Instagram page), and he still looks like himself, but it’s unclear if he’s got any new music coming anytime soon. However he does host an online radio show called Secret Garden Slow Jams.

Ralph Tresvant

I’m pretty sure it was the high voice and all that sensitivity that had folks picking Ralph as their New Edition crush back in the day. Of course, New Edition is still out here touring, trying to make this almighty dollar, and while he might not look exactly how he used to (looks like that hair might be gone for good), his voice is still in tact and he’s not looking too bad…

Morris Chestnut

Like Pharrell Williams, Morris has been sipping from a fountain of youth we need to get our hands on. Maybe it’s his continuous good looks that help him get so many roles, as he was just in The Call with Halle Berry last year (which was a number one hit), on Nurse Jackie, and in the big hit sequel to The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday. He’s having some of his biggest success late in his career.

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Zack Morris made Saturday mornings must-see-TV while on Saved By The Bell, and luckily for fans, he still looks great–even if he ditched the blonde ‘do. He’s also still working hard for the money, starring on the show Franklin & Bash on TNT, and he’s been starring on that (as Peter Bash) since 2011.

Laurence Fishburne

Fishburne had a look back in the day that was just so enchanting to me. Maybe it was the facial hair and the gaze I was a sucker for? Oh, and I can’t forget the voice! And while he might not look like his old self (life happens), he’s getting some of his best work, including a regular role on the NBC show Hannibal, and a role in the upcoming big-budget banger, Batman vs. Superman. 

Bumper Robinson

With his curly hair and bright eyes, Bumper Robinson was oh so easy on the eyes when he was on A Different World and Living Single back in the day. Nowadays, he looks a little different, but he’s still working, focusing more on voice work than being in front of the camera. He was on The Game from 2007 to 2013, but recently did voice work for Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, and Ben 10: Omniverse. 

Allen Payne

Is it just me, or does Allen Payne look exactly the same? Aside from a few normal changes, he still looks quite handsome. While he was the star of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne for six years on TBS, he has since decided to kick back and take a break from acting.


I’m still waiting for D’Angelo to put out a new album, but I’m just glad he’s making appearances these days (because his past sabbatical was way too long). His look has changed over the years, from a little fluffy to super buff to kind of big and now to his current size, which looks good to me! D’Angelo was touring a lot last year, but by summertime he had to take a break because of a medical emergency. However, he’s back in action, and will be giving a Redbull academy lecture in May in Brooklyn.

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