Super Strength Mimi Shower Rods Sell Out Across The Country + Watch Kandi Attempt The Stunt

April 17, 2014  |  

You’ve seen the memes featuring Home Depot employees directing the sexually adventurous to the shower rod aisle. Well there might be more truth to these memes than just a funny joke on the internet.

According to TMZ, “demand is going through the roof for gymnastics-strength-shower rods.” And we have to assume that has a lot to do with the stunts we saw Mimi perform in the trailer for her upcoming sex tape with boyfriend and rumored fiancé Nikko. According to TMZ, Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Walmart are struggling to keep up with the demand for the super shower rods.

TMZ says they called employees at each of the major retailers from Georgia to California and were getting the same story: people are racing to purchase their own rods to replicate the Mimi swing.


Honey, Vivid should have included a “don’t attempt this at home” type of warning on that trailer because this is not going to end well for a lot of people. I don’t want to encourage anybody not to be ballsy with your boo but this might be out of your league. If the shower rod doesn’t hold, which is entirely possible, you’re not just going to fall and jump back up, most of you have a tub attached to your shower and you’ll fall, on your back or side, on that thing. Is a broken back, neck or something more severe really worth it? Don’t do it ladies…or gentlemen. Furthermore, for those of us that rent, how are you going to explain to your landlord that you demolished his property trying to get your Mimi on? It just won’t fly.

Let ’em know Lil Olivia.

Yesterday, we published an essay about whether Mimi Faust was winning or not with this sex tape. If she wanted national attention and wanted to influence the people, I’d say she’s definitely got it.

First it was serfboardt, now fools is swangin’… Guess it’s a good time for bathroom sex.

What do you make of this, would you attempt the Mimi Shower Rod Swing? (Please don’t.)

If you don’t believe that this really is dangerous, watch Kandi attempt to do it in this video she posted on Instagram on the next page.

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