How Far Would You Go To Be Famous?

April 17, 2014  |  
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Would you leak a sex tape? Sell out your friends and family? You may say no but these celebrities found themselves doing that and more for some time in the lime, all for just the possibility to be famous.

Make A Sex Tape

On Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi Faust played the jilted good girl to Joseline Hernandez’s home wrecker. But when her sex tape dropped, we found out that Joseline wasn’t the only one desperate for 15 more minutes of fame.

Sell Out Your Daughter

Scandal is the bread and butter of Basketball Wives: LA. If you want a staring role, you’d better be prepared to get messy.

But newcomer Sundy Carter took mess to a new level when she leaked a picture of her daughter giving sloppy toppy on Twitter. It made for a juicy BBWLA story line, but we doubt her relationship with her daughter will ever heal.

Air Your Dirty Laundry

Former rapper Peter Gunz was broke, busted and out of ideas — but not personal drama. So he sold the shocking story of his infidelity to Love and Hip Hop New York to restart his career.

Now he says that the drama on the show is negatively effecting his kids (which probably shouldn’t have been a surprise).

Lie, Lie, Lie

Kenya Moore wanted to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she wasn’t a housewife (or a resident of Atlanta). So she made up a relationship with Walter Moore.

After she tried to make her made-up husband propose on camera, he exposed their phony reality TV relationship. Now Kenya says she has an “African boyfriend” that even her fans are having trouble believing in.

Act Like A Bish

We didn’t say it, NeNe did.

Just as Peter and Cynthia’s Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s story line was starting to get dry, Peter called NeNe out, gossiped with Porsha’s ex-husband and then confronted Porsha with the dirt.

We have a feeling that NeNe’s really mad at Peter Thomas because she knows he’s trying to steal a little of her spotlight.

Get Married

Keeping Up With the Kardashians was getting old and the dawn of the celebrity socialites was almost over.

Then Kim up and married Kris Humphries for just 72 days and she was all over the headlines again. Now some people are wondering if her next high-profile marriage is just part of publicizing her personal brand.

Join the Illuminati

We don’t have room to list the dozens of celebrities people think sold their soul to the devil to get famous.


We’ve never seen the BBWLA contract, but we’re pretty sure that it says that you have to give out a black eye a season or your contract is cancelled.

Sick Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on One Another

American Idol hit a new low when it took a page from shows like Basketball Wives cast oil and water together, sat them on a panel and hoped they’d fight long enough to raise the ratings on their dying show.

Spike Drinks

NeNe knows she put something in the Pillow Talk punch (and it was the most-watched episode in Real Housewives history).

Cheat on Your Wife

We still don’t know exactly what went on between Kirk and Rasheeda on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. They’ve said that Kirk’s mid-life crisis was all for the ratings…but the half naked women in that hot tub weren’t stunt doubles.

Get Shot

OK, he probably didn’t have his nephew shoot him on purpose, but it sure did put some life into Benzino’s lagging story line.

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