14 Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding

April 15, 2014  |  
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For the most part, wedding planning should be fun and exciting, as you hopefully only get to do it once! But, there are some definite drawbacks to wedding planning that can wreak all sorts of havoc in your life. Though we like to think that planning a wedding is fun, easy-going, and full of excitement, sometimes it can be everything but that. Here are 14 things that no one tells you about planning a wedding.

All weddings are a lot of work to plan

No matter if your wedding involves 50 guests or 250, all weddings require a lot of time and effort to plan. Guest list aside, casual weddings and fancy weddings are equally hard to plan and host. From choosing napkin colors to favors, it all requires time and effort.

There will be unexpected expenses

Before getting deep into planning a wedding, there are some fees that you expect, such as the fee for catering, the venue, your dress, flowers, and so on. Though it’s nice to plan for these things, there will definitely be some unexpected fees that you’ll need to tack onto your budget. Common unexpected fees include cake-cutting fees, weather-related fees, and seamstress fees. Always plan for some wiggle room in your budget.

You’ll have random cries

Planning a wedding is a happy time, but it can also be stressful. Prepare yourself forwe several stress-cries along the journey. You may find that you cry over trying to decide what color your bridesmaids should wear or how you will decorate your venue, and you may even find yourself shedding tears when you find out a flower you’ve had your heart set on isn’t in season during your wedding.

You’ll also have happy cries

Though you’ll have some stress-related cries, you’ll also have plenty of happy cries. Expect some tears when you find your perfect venue and your perfect dress, and you’ll probably even cry when you find the perfect dress for your mother to wear on your special day. Planning a wedding is just tear-inducing.

Unsolicited opinions will come out of the woodworks

Even though it’s your special day and the decisions are yours and your groom’s to make, expect to hear all sorts of opinions from everyone. Coworkers, friends, your parents, and your second cousin will all want to inject their opinions into your special day. Heck, you’ll even have strangers giving your their opinions on what type of cake you should have or how you should wear your hair.

You will talk about the wedding way more than you know

When you’re planning one of the best days of your life, it’s not uncommon for a majority of your conversations to be about wedding-related topics. Talking about the wedding almost becomes compulsive, and you’ll find yourself talking about the different types of buttercreams and the difference between garden roses and peonies.

Your groom will make things difficult

Wouldn’t it be nice for your man to want everything you want on your special day and for him to care about everything during the planning process? Sadly this just doesn’t happen. In fact, you can expect your man to care about silly things and not care about important things. He probably won’t care about the cake but you can guarantee the song he walks down the aisle to is a big deal.

Arguments will happen

Planning your special day can bring about a lot of tension and stress, not only for you, but for those around you as well. With tension comes petty arguments, such as a spat with your mother about proper wedding etiquette, or an argument with your bridesmaids about what dress is most suitable for your wedding. Plan for arguments with your man as well, because what he wants in his wedding probably doesn’t perfectly mesh with your wants.

You’ll get asked plenty of questions

Along with opinions, you can also expect to be asked plenty of questions during the planning stages of your wedding. Coworkers will want to know your wedding colors. Old friends will want to see pictures of your dress, and random people will want to know the whole back story of you and your husband-to-be. It’ll be tolerable at first, but after awhile the questions will just annoy you.

You’ll change your mind dozens of times

When you first start planning your wedding, you think you have everything planned out in your head, from your wedding colors to the style of dress you’ll wear. But, be prepared for all of this to change, especially as you start to explore. Thank Pinterest for this, but be prepared for your original wedding vision to change, at least a little. You may have always wanted a Cinderella ballgown but you find yourself purchasing a figure-hugging mermaid.

A lot of your efforts will go unnoticed

Brides-to-be tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the small details of their wedding. From their centerpieces to selecting upgraded chairs to wedding color-matching straws, at the time, all of these details seem to be critical to making your wedding day perfect. However, the fact is that most guests won’t even notice these things.

Other people will try to plan your wedding for you

Though it’s your special day, when there are too many hands in the pot and too many people determined to have a say, there will always be someone who is looking to take control of your wedding. Your parents or even your in-laws may weasel their way in and try to turn your day into their own event. Hold your ground.

A bridezilla moment will happen

We’ve all seen the TV shows and the movies portraying a bridezilla, and you’ve probably told yourself over and over that you will never act like that. But, no matter how hard you try to maintain composure throughout the planning process, a bridezilla moment is bound to happen. You may find yourself thinking that you just have to be brought to your wedding in a horse drawn carriage, even though you’re deathly afraid of them. When this happens, get a quick reality check from those closest to you.

You don’t have to stick to tradition

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll come across a lot of people who sway you into the idea of breaking tradition, don’t get stuck in the mindset that you have to stick to traditions that your parents followed or anyone else in your family. The fact is, it’s your special day, and if you don’t want to include a particular tradition, such as a garter toss or having someone give you away, you don’t have to do it.

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