15 Times You’ve Probably Mistaken A Metro Man For A Gay One

April 15, 2014  |  
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In today’s world, a lot of gender “rules” are being dropped, and the gender roles are being blurred—and that’s amazing! But it can sometimes make it tough for a straight woman to know if a man is gay, or just a little metro sexual. Here are 15 times you’ve probably mistaken a man with a slightly feminine side as gay.


He danced with you all night, but kept his distance

Not only was he as excited to dance as you and all your female friends were, dragging you out onto the dance floor, but he was good at dancing. And not once did he grind on you or try to make out with you. He genuinely just loved to dance.

He freely complimented all your female friends

In front of you, he told your other female friends that they’re gorgeous, or have a great sense of style, or an amazing body. But he didn’t seem to be hitting on them…just very comfortable acknowledging the beauty of women and leaving it at that.


He ordered white wine

Instead of ordering the usual beer or whiskey drink, he wanted white wine because it complimented his fish. Oh yes, and he was ordering fish.


He wore a neon tank top

We’re talking bright as a glow stick, cut out on the sides below the belly button. It was a hot summer day, and he wore this with regular beach shorts and flipflops an you got unnecessarily concerned.




He used occasional French words

He said things like “that’s so faux pas” and “Madamoiselle” and you didn’t know how to appreciate the French tongue.


He ordered a salad because he had “too many carbs yesterday”

At a lunch date, when you suggested calamari, he said “Ooof, just salad for me” and patted his “bloated” stomach while explaining the giant pasta dish he had the night before.


He told his male friend he loved him

Getting off the phone with his male friend or hugging one goodbye, he said, “I love you man.” And he gave every single one of his male friends hugs when greeting them. Shame on you.


He was attracted to super skinny women

He spotted women so thin, they had absolutely zero curves and no womanly “oomph” to them and said they were hot.


He followed celebrity gossip

He thought what Jennifer Lawrence wore to an awards show was trashy, or had a strong opinion on who Miley Cyrus is dating now.

He told you your outfit was “cute”

He didn’t tell you that you looked hot, or that you took his breath away. He looked you up and down, maybe twirled you around and said, “Your outfit is so cute.”

He had a dozen female friends

He was surrounded by women all of the time who he was not sleeping with—not even a little. Female friends called him constantly to share gossip or ask for guy advice.

He wore a small bathing suit

Not a speedo or a banana hammock, but definitely smaller than the usual board shorts. Think 70’s style shorts, that fall just between the knee and thigh.

He didn’t make a move when he so could have

When you were obviously giving him an opening for a kiss, or to come upstairs, he kissed you on the cheek and said goodnight.







He lost it over a cute, tiny dog

He saw a dog on the street and practically melted onto the ground, picking it up, baby talking it, and asking the owner all about it.

He was obsessed with brunch

He said you should “do brunch” and in general, that’s what he did with his Sunday afternoons.

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