My Journey To Clear Skin: 5 All-Natural Ways To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin

April 22, 2014  |  

For me, going natural back in 2010 evolved into a chance to turn my whole life into a holistic experiment. I started using mostly natural products on my hair and noticed such a dramatic difference in the health of it. This launched me into a total all-natural health and beauty campaign, vowing to trade all my chemical-laden bath and body products for completely (or mostly) natural ones.

What I discovered in doing so was a plethora of ways to get the results many of us seek – especially for amazing skin – without spending wads of cash. For women of color, there aren’t many products on the market that speak directly to our skincare needs, although the list has grown significantly since the early ’90s. However, I stopped looking to name brands and started looking to the earth to reach my skincare goals. The results have been fairly amazing. Having suffered from heavy acne for many years, I resorted to caking on foundation to hide it. This only made the problem worse, causing more acne to break out on my skin and enlarging my pores. About two years ago, I started looking into holistic practices for healthier skin and these are the main remedies that have worked tremendously for me – clearing up my acne completely, evening out my skin tone, reducing the look of pores, and combating dark under-eye circles:

1. Drink water!

There is a large ongoing debate about whether or not what we ingest has anything to do with the health of our skin. Let me clear that up for you – YES, it absolutely does! Our skin is the largest organ. It flourishes (or not) according to what we eat and drink. Water cleanses, flushes out toxins and rehydrates. The less we drink, the more dryness and buildup we will face. The amount of water we are supposed to drink varies according to who you ask, but I have found that if I drink three to four bottles of Poland Spring or Deer Park a day, my skin stays luminous and dewy fresh.

2. Exfoliate!

Whether you’re talking about the skin on your face or on the rest of your body, exfoliation is key. Dead skin cells need to be sloughed off regularly in order to give new skin cells room to grow. Exfoliation uncovers glowing skin and helps keep tone even. For my face or my body, I like to use brown sugar mixed with a little honey and olive oil. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth, hydrated and glowing. Perfect for the summer!

3. Tone!

I like to use Witch Hazel as my toner. Often, people of color are prone to discoloration, especially around the mouth and near the jawline. All natural toners like witch hazel, rose water, apple cider vinegar and green tea are great for evening out the skin without the harsh drying effect that many chemical toners have.

4. Eat fresh!

Fresh produce is huge in creating luminous skin. Fresh fruits and veggies have so many of the nutrients we need and I know it’s hard to eat those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily, but that’s why God gave us juicing and smoothies! Berry smoothies are great (especially blueberries and raspberries as they have some of the highest counts of antioxidants!) for mornings, as well as green smoothies that are packed with vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy hair and skin. Try spinach, kale, tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes and more. The list is endless because most fruits and vegetables are packed with everything your skin needs!

5. Use a mask!

I use two different types of masks: 1) Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask, which is 100 percent Bentonite clay, and pulls the dirt, oil and makeup from the pores to leave skin feeling unbelievably fresh. 2) A lemon and honey mask, which does the same as the Bentonite clay, except that it also tones skin and helps to fade acne scarring.

What are some of the ways you ensure that your skin is glowing and beautiful for the summer?

La Truly is a writer, college professor and young women’s empowerment enthusiast. She mixes her interest in social and cultural issues with her life experiences  to encourage thought, discussion and positive change among young Women of Color. Follow her on Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly and check out her site:

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