Damn, Damn, Damn! Shocking TV Show Deaths We’re Still Not Over

April 15, 2014  |  
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TV Shows are getting bolder and more shocking. Once upon a time you knew there was no way a lead character on a TV show would be killed off, nowadays it seems anybody can get it. Here are 15 shocking TV show deaths we still haven’t gotten over.

Omar Little, “The Wire”

Being the most feared character brings lots of enemies, so we all knew Omar’s days were numbered. For a while, though, it seemed that Omar was invincible, but no one thought taking a regular trip to the store would be his demise, let alone at the hands of someone who was never on Omar’s radar.

The Red Wedding, “Game of Thrones”

“Game of Thrones” is not a show for the faint of heart, but the deaths of Lady Stark, her son and her unborn grandchild sent chills through many who watched.

Will Gardner,  “The Good Wife”

Many who watch “The Good Wife” looked forward to Will’s tyrannical reign after he was betrayed by Alicia Florrick, but we were all blindsided when he was shot and killed in the courtroom. There were lots of tears.

Adriana, “The Sopranos”

Adriana was working with the feds to bring down the mob, which is pretty much a death sentence, so when she was killed many saw it coming, but the scene with her being dragged into the woods and hearing the shots that killed her ring out was too much to digest.

Zoe Barnes, “House of Cards”

Zoe was annoying and nagging, but when Frank Underwood tossed her in front of a moving train, frequent viewers of “House of Cards” were shocked and bewildered.

James Evan, “Good Times”

James Evans was a central part of the Evans clan and those who religiously watched “Good Times” loved him, so when he died unexpectedly we all screamed with Florida…Damn, Damn, Damn, James.

George O’Malley, “Grey’s Anatomy”

George was the goofy guy we loved to watch because he was rarely rocking the boat, so when we all figured out George was the John Doe on the stretcher it was heart wrenching and unbelievable.

James Novak, “Scandal”

It was tear city throughout the blogosphere when we found out it was James Novak who Jake Ballard shot and killed. The last scene with Jake holding his hand while he died was too much to bear.

Rita “Dexter”

The death of Dexter’s wife Rita was so unexpected it was almost hard to believe and the way she was killed sent shivers through the show’s fan base.

Lukas Frye, “House of Lies”

Though Lukas, played by rapper T. I., is not a central character on “House of Lies,” his death was still shocking. Lukas and his business partner often had disagreements about money and business, but it was totally unexpected when his business partner had him killed during the current season.

Bill Henrickson, “Big Love”

The popular HBO show “Big Love” was just about finished when its main character Bill Henrickson was killed by an unsuspecting and deranged neighbor.

Joss, “Person of Interest”

Joss was a central part of the show and though she was often in placed in danger when she was gunned down it was a major shock.

Hershel, “The Walking Dead”

Fans of “The Walking Dead” loved Hersehel because he was a do-gooder, so when the Governor chopped off his head with Michonne’s knife it was a hard pill to swallow.

Brian, “Family Guy”

Though he was a dog, Brian was one of the most loved character from the popular show. When he was hit by a car and killed this season fans of the show created a petition to bring him back. Good luck with that!

Edith Bunker, “All in the Family”

Archie Bunker was not a like-able character, but when his wife, Edith, died it was terribly sad.





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