“Before You Check Us, Check You”: “Blood Sweat And Heels” Star Brie Bythewood On Being Called A ‘Mean Girl’

April 7, 2014  |  

Real estate developer and broadcast journalist Brie Bythewood was a little apprehensive about sharing her life on reality TV, but when she realized that she would be given a platform to share her philanthropic work with the world, Bythewood couldn’t turn down the chance. She was able to show that part of her life, but alongside the display of her charity work came some drama too. Who could forget the commotion in the Hamptons? But before you think or speak negatively of Bythewood, she says that you need to know that there’s so much more to her than the few hours worth of her life that you saw on Blood Sweat and Heels. We caught up with her to talk about everything, including what she thinks of people calling her, Demetria Lucas and Geneva Thomas, mean girls. She definitely shared a lot, and I found a new appreciation for Bythewood and her honesty. Maybe you will too.

Why She Decided To Do Blood Sweat And Heels:

The way the show was explained to me, it was very positive. I liked what I was hearing so I agreed to do the show with the knowledge that this was going to be something different than what we’ve previously seen on reality TV. Like reality TV and life itself, you have the ups and the downs. There are things that you have to face. That’s what pretty much was captured so it’s very real and I have no regrets about doing the show. If anything, I would have regretted it more if I didn’t do it because I would have always wondered, what if?

If Things Went The Way She Hoped:

You just have to be you because it’s reality TV. Every minute you see of all of us, we pretty much are very true to what you saw. Unfortunately, again, for all of us, you can’t catch every angle, every segment of our life, so there’s a lot that’s missed. There’s not a single person in this world that can look at that show and say ‘Because I saw that show I know Brie Bythewood.’ If you’ve only seen me through that show, unfortunately, you really don’t know me, but I hope you like the part of me you’ve seen. But no one really knows me just based on the one hour segment of a show for nine weeks. That’s true for all the ladies.

If She’ll Be Back If There’s A Season Two:

If there is a season two, for sure, I would give it some thought. I don’t want to say that I wouldn’t do it. There’s so much positive that comes from doing a show like this, just because you do have a large audience and you do have a really free platform to stand up for the things you believe are right, and proper, and appropriate, and you want to share it with the world. In terms of my philanthropy, I think that’s a great platform. But hopefully, people get to see a more well-rounded version and more relatable version of Brie, and not just someone who seems as though she’s handed everything in life, because I do work very, very hard. I have two jobs that take up all my time. There’s very little of my life that I don’t work hard for.

What She Would Change About The Hamptons Scene:

That was just a difficult scene. None of us knew Mica’s father had passed away. Everyone would have been more than patient with the fact that we waited for her for almost three hours before she arrived. If any of us knew she was going through anything, suffering a loss, we would have forgone food, we would have forgone everything. We would have absolutely been a lot more supportive and a lot more tolerant of her behavior. But I would start with knowledge, knowledge first, knowledge that her father had passed away and that she was going through something emotionally. That would be the one and only thing I would change.

If She Knew Mica’s Father Was Dying Before The Hampton’s Scene:

I’ve known Mica for two years. About two months into our initial meeting, I received a text message from one of our mutual friends that said, ‘You might want to reach out to Mica, she just got news that her father was terminal.’ I had no idea. I asked for her phone number and I contacted her via text message and let her know that ‘If you need anything, my goodness, I’m here.’ Fast forward two years later, he seemed to be in the same state. His health hadn’t changed. She and I never really spoke about her father. She let me now that he’s not someone she’s very close with. She was aware of his situation, and that was kind of it. I never pressed for it. I never asked her anything about it. But she never spoke about it, none of our mutual friends ever spoke about it. It didn’t seem to be something that changed, it just seemed to be a fact so it was like, ‘Okay, let’s move on.’ That’s exactly what I assumed it was. I thought maybe it was part of the storyline to let viewers know that she was going through something with her father, but not that it was actually going to be a storyline. But it became a very big part of the story. And no, I didn’t know that he was anymore gravely ill than when he was when he was first diagnosed with terminal.

On Being Called ‘Cold’ And A ‘Mean Girl’:

I can’t control over how things are shown. I don’t have control over that. It’s just unfortunate that people are judging a person based on the little bit they get to see of every aspect of her. If people really knew me and the people who really do know me all said the same thing: That I’m probably the most compassionate person they ever met and the most caring person. It’s surprising to see that that would be the way I was portrayed. It’s just unfortunate. I guess I would say to anyone who would say that, I would challenge them to prove to me that they’ve been everything other than less than perfect every single day of their lives. People have bad moments, unfortunately, ours are captured on TV and shown to people.

On Demetria’s Critics:

The thing I love about Demetria is that she’s very honest. She doesn’t sugarcoat things. She’s not going to say something just to make you feel better about a situation. She’s going to be 100% real, and I think she and I share that. I don’t want to be the friend that you can look back at in five years and say, ‘I can’t believe you let me do that.’ I’ll never let you do that because I’m going to tell you in that moment that you’re wrong. That’s Demetria. She’s the exact same way. That’s why she and I get along. Because we’re 100% real and honest. We’re not going to be a fake friend just for fun. We’re going to be a real friend for the long haul.

Parting Words For Fans And Detractors:

I do think that people have to keep in mind that it’s a TV show and for anyone out there who really has something so hateful and negative and just mean to say, you’re not edited. We were edited. So you in fact are the mean one. You’re the mean girl. You’re the mean guy. You’re the mean person. So before you check us, check you. Don’t judge us, we’re not judging you. We can’t even see you to know who you are, so stop with the negativity and enjoy the show, that’s what the point of the show is.

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