Learning To Be Your Own Cheerleader

April 18, 2014  |  

I have to be honest, I’m very annoyed by the use of hashtags.  Not because of what they do, because it’s a good concept (connecting people to the same topic on social media).  I get annoyed by it when people use it wrong.  For example:  they’ll be like:  “Yeah, I’m about to eat a peanut butter #and jelly sandwich.”  Why do people hashtag random words?!  Or hashtag a word on a medium that doesn’t allow you to connect with other people.  Or literally saying it!  Is saying “hashtag” in your conversation benefiting it right now?  When you said that word, did it connect you to other people saying it?!

To me, a hashtag is something that also represents you.  It let’s the world know, hey, this is what I think on this subject, and I want other people who think about this subject to know how I feel.  With all of that said (believe me, this rant is going somewhere)…

I’m getting a little tired of people who are #Team[enter celebrity/reality star’s name].  I know, you watch a reality show, and you feel as though you can really relate to one of the participants, and when someone attacks him/her on social media, you gotta let them know.  Or, your favorite celebrity couple breaks up and you want to show solidarity to whatever half you like best.  Maybe that’s fine, you want to make a stand.  Now, I’m not going to make you have to qualify your time.  You should be able to want to do whatever you desire in your free time (heck, I used to want to be a ventriloquist).  But with all of this unwavering devotion that you have to your favorite celeb, make sure that you’re #TeamYou.

It breaks my heart sometimes to see some people go so hard for [unnamed celebrity], but then be so mean to themselves.  They can passionately debate why this celebrity is the best thing that walked on land, but question their own worthiness.  They will bash themselves for being too ugly, too fat, too stupid, or whatever horrible things they’ll call themselves and use it as ammunition for not going for what they want.  They refuse to apply to their dream job because they don’t think they’re good enough.  Won’t talk to that person that they’re attracted to because they don’t think that they’re attractive enough.  But they will participate in discussion sessions on blogs, and Youtube comment sections about how their respective star is so great.

I’m not saying not to be a fan, or don’t like celebrities.  I have ones that I like that’ll I’ll also support, but at the same time, I try to support myself.  When I feel scared to go after a dream, I remind myself that I’m worth going after my dreams.  If I look in the mirror and am not too fond of what I’m seeing that day, I refuse to downgrade myself.  If I can go hard for a celebrity who I don’t know personally, or they don’t know that I even exist, why should I go any less for myself?  The same way how you feel that your favorite celebrity deserves someone to speak about the good that they do, do the same for yourself.  When you’re putting that you’re #Team[Celebrity] in your Twitter bio, remember the person whose photo is right beside that bio, yours.  Be your own mouthpiece.  Speak blessings and prosperity in your life, because #you deserve it.

Kendra Koger might not care for hashtags, but will occasionally use them on twitter @kkoger. 

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