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Happy relationships don’t get talked about enough, so let’s start. Say you’ve been dating a man for a few months now and though you feel it’s right, you’ve still got all sorts of questions running through your mind about whether or not this relationship is the one for you. We’re here to help. Here are 14 signs you’re in the right relationship.

You want to better each other

Though we all have things we could improve upon, the right relationship shouldn’t be one that makes you immediately think about all the things you need to change. Instead, a good relationship is one that involves wanting to work together to better each other. In return you believe in yourself more while also believing in your partner.

There’s real chemistry

While physical attraction isn’t everything in a relationship, it plays a big part. One big sign that you’re in the right relationship is when the spark between you and this man is strong and the chemistry is real. Not only do you two click between the sheets, deep down you’re really attracted to each other. You love his eyes and he has a strong love for your cheekbones.

You don’t have a Plan B

Some people go into a relationship with a Plan B in mind, and while having a back up plan isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it shows a lack of full commitment and a sense of fear. When you’re in the right relationship, there’s no need for a back-up plan, because you’re confident in how things are.

You like talking about the relationship

There are plenty of couples out there who like to keep their relationship on the down low. But, when you’re in a good relationship with the right person, you find yourself almost unable not to talk about the relationship and how perfect your man is for you.

There isn’t much drama

All relationships are going to include arguments and bickering. But, there is a huge difference between normal arguments and unnecessary drama. The right relationship should be one that doesn’t involve much drama between you and your man or between others in your life.

You’re still in touch with you

A lot of people tend to lose touch with themselves when they get into relationships. However, being in the right relationship should include the the idea that you don’t lose sight of you. Being in a good relationship means being able to do you while also keeping your man happy.

You’re willing to put yourself out there

When you’re willing to take that leap of faith and to put your heart on the line, it’s a good sign that you’re in the right relationship. Taking that leap of faith and showing your true colors and flaws can be hard, but when you’re willing to do it, it proves that you’re in a good relationship.

You see each other as equals

Some couples are in relationships where one sees themselves as being better than the other, but in a relationship, it’s important to see each other as equals. No matter who makes more money or who has the better education, you both benefit each other.

You don’t fear the relationship

There are a lot of people out there, even people in relationships, who are afraid of commitment. If you fear a relationship and are constantly thinking about the what-ifs and the worst possible situations, then something is definitely wrong. The right relationship should keep your fears at bay.

There are no secrets

So there are some personal details that all women need to keep to themselves, but in the right relationship, there should be no secrets. You and your man should know each other like the back of your hand and there should be nothing that is hidden from one another. Debt, exes, criminal records, and family history should all be out in the open.

There’s complete trust

For most people, it can be extremely hard to trust someone. However, as time goes on and as a relationship becomes more serious, trust tends to develop more and more. But, it takes a lot of security and comfort to trust someone completely. When you’re able to do that, it’s likely that you’re in the right relationship.

You communicate

A relationship relies on how well two people are able to communicate with each other. When you find someone that you can talk to about anything, then you’ve found something really good. A lot of people dwell on problems without ever speaking about them to their partners, which can backfire quickly.

You respect each other

A good relationship has to include respect from both of the people involved. If you respect your man and he respects you, it’s a good sign that the relationship is healthy. If you don’t respect your partner, things are bound to go downhill quickly.

You’re always happy to see each other

No matter if you saw your man yesterday or two weeks ago, whenever you two get to meet face to face, you’re always as happy as a kid in a candy store. Being excited to see each other is a good sign that you miss one another and that the relationship is worthwhile.

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