Peter and Cynthia Talk The B*tch Comment And The Fight With Porsha and Kenya

April 1, 2014  |  

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” is popping right now. If you’ve been on the site for the past couple of days, you know that we post at least three #RHOA stories a day. And today is no different.

Recently, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey sat down with Big Tigger on V 103 to discuss the show’s recent happenings, including NeNe calling Peter out of his name and why Cynthia didn’t come to his defense. The couple discussed the criticisms they receive for the show’s ratchetness and then Cynthia spoke briefly about the Porsha/Kenya altercation. Peter, who said he wasn’t there at the time, laughed.

Check out highlights from the interview below.

On Nene calling him a b-tch: 

I didn’t let NeNe do anything. Lenethia is doing what she is best at doing, stir it up. That’s what she’s really good at doing, that’s how she got famous.”

Cynthia: Nene and I have been friends for a long time. So it wasn’t a situation where there was a beef going on and I knew the potential, even Peter and Gregg to fight, was even going to happen. So by the time we realized they’re fighting, we were both upset about it, so I’m thinking when NeNe jumped in—which I don’t know why she jumped in the first place—I thought she was going to help break this up, not jump in and call Peter a b—h. So at that point I’m like, ‘Oh my god Peter and Gregg are fighting, oh my god Nene’s going to fight now.’

Peter: My wife is ‘Oh my God.”

Cynthia: I wasn’t even prepared for it. I didn’t see it coming and I was kind of in shock.

Peter: I saw it coming. I’m from Brooklyn, I can see it. A mile out I could see it. She was very upset that I even had anything to say about the Kenya thing. They’re not used to men who speak their minds. They’re used to guys who carry their pocketbook.


The Guy spin-off 

We weren’t trying to create nothing. What happened was I went to Andy Cohen show and was like ‘why don’t you ever have us up here, your on 5 days a week’ and he said ‘you know what Peter that’s a good idea, I’m going to have you guys on here’. So we went up there and the highest rating show ever is with the four guys on it. So of course its a business thing and Bravo see’s that ‘oh my god, people care about these guys, we didn’t even know they exist…nobody’s going to beat my ass when I get home.



I definitely make every effort to handle myself with class, with integrity, I am one woman I can’t be responsible for how the other ladies choose to carry themselves. But I think I do a pretty decent job of representing myself well.

Peter: You know she’s never cursed on the show. In four seasons, she’s never said the F bomb, H bomb, none of them, never ever.

Cynthia: How you going to interrupt me first of all, I wasn’t finished (laughs) but yes Peter thank you for pointing that out. It’s not that I don’t curse. I’ve never cursed on the show but I do curse. You have to realize, we inspire a lot of young girls on the show with my school, The Cynthia Bailey School, regardless of how I am behind the scenes, I really try to represent myself in a positive light when it comes to the show.”


The fight between Porsha and Kenya

Peter laughs as the 911 tape is played. Cynthia shakes her head looking disgusted. 

Peter: She got hit in the head, with no weapon… I wasn’t there so I can’t talk about it.

Cynthia: Let’s be clear, this is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, outside of the whole pillow fight situation that we had a couple of weeks ago, we don’t really physically fight on the show. The guys kind of got turned up and they had a situation but those were the guys and that was ok but I don’t think anyone really watches our show to see the women fight. To be very honest with you, we got a lot of flack for even the guys turning up.


Seems like Cynthia was trying to say that she didn’t approve of Porsha’s less than lady like behavior. She might have even been hinting that she won’t be returning because of all the drama with the pillow talk fight. But knowing Cynthia she won’t say it to Porsha’s face, especially now that she’s proven she’s willing to lay hands.

You can watch the entire interview on the next page.

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