Try, Try Again: It Took 3 Careers Until Seven Brown Found Her Calling As A Skincare Expert

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Welcome to our column, Reset. Written by Karen Taylor Bass, this column, published each Tuesday, is about life lessons learned and mastered mentally, spiritually, and physically and how they contribute to a successful life and career.

How many times do you press RESET? As many times as you need to live and fulfill your passion and bliss.

Meet Seven Brown. She is a native New Yorker, bilingual, a mother of four (ages ranging from 11 to 27), a grandma, and she’s embracing her third reset career as an entrepreneur and esthetician, founding Harlem Skin Clinic, a boutique skin care center located in the heart of Harlem. Brown is an award-winning internationally licensed skincare professional and beauty educator with over 15 years experience in Electrotherapy (non-surgical facelift).

“I knew there was more to me than all the jobs I had in the past. My love for beauty, skin, and health was what inspired me since I was a young girl.  Staying still and being in the moment allowed me to pull my skills together for a solid reinvention – entrepreneurship in skincare,” she says.

Paying attention to detail solidified her as a paralegal at a top law firm for 10 years. Having an eye for fashion and talent made her the go-to agent for models, artists, and behind-the-scenes talent. Tapping into her power for transforming skin from the inside out gave her the gift to change her clients’ outlook and bolster confidence.

I recently sat down with Seven Brown for MadameNoire to discuss tips on achieving healthy skin and pressing RESET.

Madame Noire: When did you discover your love for skin?

Seven Brown: I’ve always had a passion for skin and loved everything beauty and decided to go into business with a friend of mine. We went to beauty school together with the plan of her being the esthetician and me being the instructor while handling the books for the business. The instructor at the school realized that I had not touched a face during the course and felt I needed to do that to take the test and complete the course. The moment I touched a face and realized the gift to change someone’s outlook, my passion was born.

MN: What makes the Harlem Skin Clinic unique?

SB: Me. I am a teacher and spent years traveling stateside and abroad teaching skincare. My team and I understand the skin and know that when a client walks in with dry skin it’s more than not having enough water. At the Harlem Skin Clinic, we talk to our clients, listen and then analyze the skin in a relaxing atmosphere while grooving to Marvin Gaye.

MN: Why is the Energy Facial (a non-surgical facelift) popular at your clinic?

SB: The Energy Facial is our signature service for a myriad of reasons: It heals tissues, hydrates and moisturizes. It’s an anti-aging facial and, importantly, uses Eastern techniques such as Intuitive Touch, Reiki and Energy Meridians to restore harmony to face and skin. Most people who go to the dermatologist are not being listened to. At the Harlem Skin Clinic it’s about really listening. When our bodies and skin are not in harmony, breakouts will happen. The energy facial provides a lymphatic flush to get the skin and body cleansed.

MN: What are some skin tips you can share with us for achieving flawless skin?

SB: I’ve noticed that many clients forget to use sunscreen during the winter months – very important to protect skin all year long. Also, in addition to water for hydration, use Pedialyte to help restore electrolytes to the skin. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your lips and hands moisturized throughout the day and repair your body with sleep.

MN: What challenges have encountered in your business?

SB: The biggest challenge has been getting my line of beauty products out in the marketplace. The Harlem Skin Clinic is three years old and has been featured in the media including TIME and MSNBC. However, when you have a successful storefront, it becomes another child. You spend so much time running and growing the business that you put some of your other goals on the backburner.

MN: How will you press RESET?

SB: I’ve pressed reset many times to get to this point. Now, I am in the letting go stage while empowering staff to do more; teaching them to run a business; and, offering franchise opportunities. I love my business. However I know that my passion is to have absolute freedom to complete my product line called SEVEN, which embraces simple beauty steps to rejuvenate, repair and reinvent skin.

RESET: Never be afraid to press reset as many times as you need while empowering others to assist in reaching your potential and bliss.

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