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Last night was a doozy. Shonda and them managed to touch on a variety of story lines and they were all juicy…all of them. Last night, had us in such a tizzy that my stomach was literally in knots waiting for certain characters to do the right thing. Let’s get into the drama. And be sure to let us know what you thought of the episode in the comment section.

Mellie Gets It In

A part of me really felt that Mellie would feel guilty about her romp with Andrew and would try to fight the obvious chemistry between the two of them. But not so, she plunged forth full steam ahead. Let the future Vice President feel her up in the White House, when her children are there. Just like her husband, Mellie is also sloppy. And when Olivia saw the two of them together, she, playing the hypocrite role, tried to tell Andrew that he should keep it in his pants when it comes to Mellie. He simply said, “Glass houses, Olivia.” Boom. We love Liv but she needed to sit down.


Homegirl is having second thoughts about working with Mama Pope now that she’s seen how diabolical she is. And she came to Pope and associates to get out of her deal…or perhaps it was all a rouse. Because as soon as she and Harrison finish doing what they do, she poisoned him and stole files from Olivia’s office. Adnan is shady but we have to admit, dropping her panties and walking across the room was a cold move.

The Kids Hate Everyone

It’s so crazy how Fitz, who had a tortured relationship with his own father, is passing that same resentment down to his children. They know all about his affairs and basically want to have nothing to do with him. The son even started a website, campaigning against his own father. He doesn’t really know them anymore anyway. He had to ask Mellie what was going on with his own children. Initially, all of their anger was directed towards Fitz but once the daughter caught her mom on her knees, all hell broke loose.

Run Up Get Done Up

Lol Cyrus tried to take care of his own business this time around. While he usually hires someone to do his physical dirty work, when he learned Jake Ballard was in the Oval office, he came through, grabbed a vase and came for Jake’s dome. But he underestimated the man. Jake grabbed him up in a headlock and let him know he really didn’t want this. Towards the end of the episode, Cyrus had to admit that Jake just had to do his job.

The Help

Mama Pope makes a phone call to Olivia to basically tell her to stay out of her business. And Olivia low key tries to check her. But as we all know that never goes the way she plans it. She always ends up getting read. And Mama Pope let her know, “You think you’re family but you’re nothing but the help and you don’t even know it.”

Fitz Lays Hands

The minute Fitz learns that Andrew and Mellie are boning he storms into a meeting room and hits Andrew in the face. Such a hypocrite this one…

Huckleberry Quinn

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I looooove Huck and Quinn together. And her licking his face last night was everything to me. I love to see Quinn take charge like that and have Huck all weak in the knees. Huck is going to have to do something about his old pal Charlie though. Him pulling that stunt and moving into Quinn’s apartment is just too much.


Jake and Daddy Pope

Jake calls Daddy Pope in a move to basically get advice from Rowan about how he would run B613. But Daddy Pope lets him know that he’s all alone in this. And he couldn’t come to him for advice. Jake seemed like he was really hurt. And in response, he came for him, “For reminding me that when I decide to kill you, I need to do it all by myself.”

I’m not your b*tch

Whew! This made my night. Y’all know I’m #TeamJake, so I loved the fact that he checked Fitz and let him know, like Rowan did before him, that he’s the man in charge. Fitz couldn’t even respond. 

I’m Talking to My Wife

When Fitz learns that Andrew and Mellie are sleeping together, he’s hurt because he remembers the ten years he wasn’t even able to touch his wife. And he accuses Mellie of single handedly ruin their marriage. And just when it looks like Mellie is going to open up and tell the truth about Fitz’s father, Olivia walks in the room, telling Fitz and Mellie it’s time to go. But in the heat of the moment, he turns around and snaps, yelling “I’m talking to my wife.” BOOM. Just like Mama Pope said…the help. She wasn’t supposed to be privy to that conversation. 

My Job is All I Have Left

After Fitz disses and dismisses her, Olivia’s gotten the message. She’s dispensable. At that point she switches back into work mode. And though Fitz chases after her and tries to apologize, she assures him that now she’s all about business. “I cannot not afford to fail at my job because it’s all I have left.”

She ain’t never lied. And even though she’s in her feelings right now, we know it’s only a matter of time before she’s back in Fitz’s arms.


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