Removing The Layers: Tips For Getting Your Hair, Skin And Makeup Right For Spring

April 1, 2014  |  


The sun has been peeking out and is soon to be in full effect. It’s time to crawl out from underneath the fur coats, literally and figuratively (because you know you haven’t shaved your legs in two months), embrace the rays of sunshine, and put your winter mentality in storage along with the sweaters. There is, however, some preparation that comes with the emergence of warmer temperatures. Here’s how to prep yourself for the beautiful spring season.

Prepping Your Hair
Get ready for your big hair reveal! After three or more months of almost daily protective styling and obsessive moisturizing to combat the effects of winter wear and weather, hair should be the one feature that should be fabulous from the moment the low bun gets loosened. As far as maintenance, take an inventory of the ends of the hair and trim if it’s time to in order to avoid split ends and to keep them from traveling from brushing against clothing and being manipulated more often. With spring, however, comes humidity and some level of frizz that you can either embrace, or spend the remainder of the season figuring out how to control. A lightweight mousse or conditioning gel that also smooths the hair is the best bet for the warmer months, especially when the threat of precipitation is more emotionally draining than the latest plot twist of Scandal.

Prepping Your Nails, Hands and Feet
Putting your cell phone first and going glove-less during the winter will probably give you the hard hands and broken, jagged nails of a farmer. Replace the lost moisture to your skin and nails by using a generous amount of Shea butter lotion before bed and throughout the day. If you’re still shy about shaking hands, you may need to exfoliate to remove any roughness that came from exposing your hands to the cold, dry air over the last few months. The same goes for your feet. By the time it’s officially the spring season, your toes are crying out “Give us us free!” Please, let those toes out of the dark. For months, they’ve endured the shut-in, otherwise known as two pairs of thick socks inside of heavy winter boots. For your feet, which might be able to cut and polish diamonds, you need to prepare for that much-needed pedicure with a pumice stone and an extreme home remedy. There are several DIY pedicures and the most unconventional winner is one that involves Listerine. Don’t believe me? Ask Pinterest.

Prepping Your Skin
Before you get out there to start serving body, remember to increase your water intake. It’s easy to fall off the wagon in the winter, what with replacing all of the water you should be drinking with hot toddies made with a shot of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Water brings your skin and your mind back to life, so commit to drinking an appropriate amount of water each day in order to see some changes. Additionally, slathering on obscene amounts of coconut oil or mixing a little extra virgin olive oil with your favorite lotion is a great way to get natural moisture into the skin without becoming too greasy. (By the way, a small amount of coconut oil makes a great nighttime facial moisturizer because it’s not too heavy and leaves your face feeling smooth.) Getting back into the habit of regular moisturizing also helps give you a closer shave, leaving your legs smooth instead of chopped and screwed like a Slim Thug mixtape because your knees were just THAT dry. Taking a few extra seconds in the shower to exfoliate your skin with a homemade sugar scrub, a loofah or gloves — or all at the same time if you’re gangster — will leave your skin feeling great. Such remedies are amazing when looking to polish the skin, sloughing away those extra layers.

Updating Your Makeup
Color! Color! Color! Take a trip to the drugstore or department store beauty counter to peep the newest color cosmetics. Get brave and try a juicy orange lip or an emerald green liner on the lower water line. And the availability of brown-girl bronzers means faking the vacation-glow funk easily and believably. Any burst of color on your face will change your look and brighten your skin.

The biggest change to prep for spring starts with your attitude and your outlook. Something about the winter finally breaking to reveal a stream of warm days makes the day feel a bit brighter and makes daily activities more enjoyable. Dreary days are gone! Embrace the sunshine and also embrace getting back into a regular beauty and body routine and regimen. Your positive attitude and your glowing skin will thank you.

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