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Being a woman is a trip. There’s no other way to describe it. It takes work. Whether you’re trying to enhance your beauty, keep up with what the fellas like or maintain your hygiene, balancing all of this can often place you in weird situations. And while some of these things sound crazy, you have to do what you have to do…You just hope and pray to God that no one ever catches you in the act. So, ladies let us know can you relate to this list of weird and embarrassing things every woman has done? Naturally, the word “every” is used very loosely here. You know what we mean…most of us.

Drop something to do “the check.”

Every woman knows what “the check” is. The check has prevented years, possibly even centuries worth of embarrassment. You know…but just in case there are men reading this article, the check is making sure you’re not leaking, ruining your pretty panties, good jeans or soiling the chair you’re currently occupying. With the check, you can catch a leak before you end up mortified. But it can be tricky trying to look at your crotch in public. So you casually,”accidentally” drop something, take a good look at your crotch and then pick it back up. Kind of like the “bend and snap” seen here but slower.


Shaking something… at the crib

Ladies, don’t front. Even if you’re the type to publicly bash twerking on the internet and turn your nose up when you see girls doing it at the club, you have to admit that you get down when you’re in the privacy and comfort of your home. It’s just nice to know whether or not you can do those moves. And if you’re not trying to become a master, it’s an interesting little study to see what jiggles.


Modeling different sex positions…

You want to know what your partner is seeing right? Put that mirror to good use. And while we’re on the subject, how many of you have taken that hand mirror and seen what your vagina really looks like? If not, I highly suggest it. It’s completely different from that angle and can actually be quite…educational. Looking at your lady parts in a handheld mirror seems like something we should have done in junior high right? Yeah, it is. But you’d be surprised at the number of women who haven’t yet. Get to it.

Trying to lick your own nipple

I mean… there really is no way to justify this one it’s just weird. And if anyone were to catch you in the act, it would be something that you’d never be able to live down. And while the ladies who belong to the IBTC may have a bit more trouble with this one, trust, with some contortion, it can be done.


$5 dollars says that after you read the word, you did one. That’s the power of the Kegel. Really, it’s not so much the power of the word but these exercises, supported by the medical community, play directly to our fear of loosing the “tightness.” Plus, unlike regular exercise, kegels are almost pleasurable.

Hypothetically Plotting Revenge Against Your Shady Ex

You know what they say, there’s nothing like a woman scorned. Tis true. While there are women who have acted on their need to seek revenge, I’m willing to bet good money that those executed acts paled in comparison to the thoughts that ran rampant in the mind of a woman who had been wronged. Thank God, some of us had just enough sense not to go through with it.

Smelling your bras

No need to wash your bras everyday. But if you’re going to live that risky life, you best be sure your bras aren’t sweaty and stinky. So before you decide whether or not you’re going to wear it, you have to give it that good ole sniff test. This test becomes vitally important in the summer time.

Refusing to throw old, uncomfortable underwear away…

When you go through your collection of underwear, do you notice there are several pairs that just don’t work? They’re too small, too big, made of the wrong material or rub the wrong places. And while you know all of this. You save those panties. Why? Who knows. Perhaps it’s the fear that you’ll run out of underwear. Maybe you keep them around for laundry day. Until we address whatever the root issue is, the undesirable panties will continue to take up all the room in our drawers.

Counting the tampon/pad hours

When you’re a busy lady, as many of us are, it can become very easy to get distracted. And the next thing you know you’re leaking…all because you didn’t consider your period timing. So when you go to the bathroom, you have to be sure to make note of the time. Not only so you don’t have an issue with leakage but because the threat of toxic shock still has some of shook. 

Trying and Failing to Ladyscape

When you step in the shower, you feel like an artist. You’re going to create the perfect, heart, triangle or landing strip with your pubes. But after 15 minutes, you’re happy just to accept the asymmetrical tuft you’ve created. It’s…eccentric.

So talk to us ladies, how many items on this list can you relate to? Any other weird things you think most women have done in their lives?


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