Do You Hate Men? 10 Questions To Stop Asking Feminists

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Though feminism has been around for well over a hundred years, there are still people who don’t understand– or want to understand– its ideologies. There are a few questions that have been asked and answered over and over about the feminist movement and that should not be asked again. Like these.

Why Are You So Angry?

This question detracts fr,om the real purpose of the feminist movement. Feminists are not angry they are avid about equal rights and emotions can sometimes rise when the principles of feminism are attacked. The question should be why are you NOT angry about inequality?


If you’re a Feminist, does that mean you don’t have sex?

Mormon and Feminism: When did the two become synonymous? Aspiring feminists need not be virgins to apply.

Are You a Lesbian?

Some feminists are lesbians and some are not. Homosexuality isn’t a prerequisite to feminism.

Why Are You Getting Married?

Yes, many feminists fight for gender equality and want to be married too. Marriage does not equal oppression or forced submission to a man. Marriage is about a union and should also be about equality.


Do You Hate Men?

This question is another detractor from the real cause. Feminism is about opening society’s eyes to the benefits of equality not burying the male sex.


Can Men Be Feminists too?

They can be and should be. It’s a movement, not a sorority.

Do Feminist wear Skirts? Makeup? Bras?

If a woman — or man– wants to wear a skirt, makeup, or a bra that is their choice. Feminism isn’t in direct opposition to looking/feeling good on the outside.


What about Masculism?

What about it?


If you’re a Feminist, how come you don’t ask men out?

Being a feminist doesn’t mean forcing yourself on men. If a woman does ask a man on a date it probably has more to do with her willingness to do so, not a desire to make a point about gender roles.


Do you just wish you were a man?

Um, no! Feminism is about gender equality not gender obsession.

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