Ouch! Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Wax Down Below

April 1, 2014  |  
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For some women, getting a wax is a must. They have appointments booked every few weeks and know their waxer by first and last name.  But for the few women left on the planet who have not yet entered the realm of having their hair ripped from their body by a hot, gooey substance, it is terrifying! Despite how that sounds, the process isn’t all that bad. But there are some things you need to know before your first wax.

The anticipation is worse than the actual pain!

Most people convinces themselves that this will be a painful experience. However after our first wax, we noticed the pain wasn’t as a bad as we expected.

Privacy doesn’t exist!

There is no such thing as privacy when you are getting a wax. This is self explanatory, but just in case you’re completely clueless to this process your esthetician will have to see your private areas in order to do her job. It will be very awkward at first but eventually you should feel comfortable with her.

Don’t wear your nice undies!

We suggest you put on a pair of your not so favorite undies. Waxing can get a little messy and the thing you want is your favorite undies being ruined.

God Bless disposable panties

Some wax centers offer disposable panties for you to wear during your wax! You should gladly accept these panties. You will thank us later.

Regular wax vs hard wax vs sugar wax

There are tons of different types of wax. Each of them can result in a different type of pain. Our favorite is sugar waxing. It is the least painful in our opinion and leaves little irritation afterwards. Regular waxing is the most painful! (You’ve been warned)

The Prep

Before your wax you should grow your hair out for about a week or two. If the hair is too short, you will be sent home.

Buy the package

No one ever buys the package when they first visit the salon. However, after your first experience, if you like the place, buy the package! It will save you more money in the long run.

Decide How Much Hair You want Removed and The Shape

Before you go in for a wax, you should know how much hair you want removed. You can get a typical bikini or wax the whole thing off. You can also get a little triangle or a landing strip down there.


Good luck and God Bless!

The Aftermath

After your first wax you experience some irritiation. It’s your first time! Pop some tylenol and keep it moving. We also recommend you stay out of sunlight and wear loose clothing the day of.

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