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During a chat with Ebro Darden at Hot 97 earlier this month (which included about 10 minutes of talking about why they never hooked up…), K. Michelle spoke very openly and honestly about past hurt she dealt with when working on her first album and the effect that alcohol had on everything. The singer and reality star says a lot of the negative energy she carried around while trying to get her career off the ground and while on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta had a lot to do with Jack Daniels. Here’s what she had to say:

“From my first deal to now, I drank every single day. My first deal I drank every single day, all day. Like, straight out the bottle. I drank Jack Daniels with no like, no chaser, nothing, just the bottle to the head. That took a toll on me. Now I look up and I can have a cocktail, and my friends can be on three or four, and I’m still on one. And I just feel like, I don’t like the person I am when I’m really drunk. I now see the difference in sober K. Michelle, tipsy K. Michelle and just drunk K. Michelle. Tipsy K. Michelle is cute. She’s really fun and the life of the party. But one glass over that tipsy K. Michelle? Oh, it’s hell for the world. I’m learning that dark liquor and Jack Daniels is not the move for me in public arenas, and not the move for me if I’m already having a day or going through something. But before? I really did have a drinking problem and it caused a lot of issues. I looked at it and I just saw a lot of hurt and I did drink every day with it. So you kind of ask yourself: Dang, was it the liquor? Was it the hurt? Then you realize it was just everything that you’re going through. I just know what I can’t do, Ebro.”

She also said that being a mother now and the want to have another child in the future also made her want to make a change:

“For me, my son is now in this cool phase. He plays basketball and they’re having championship games and he’s real cool, and I’m looking at him like, oh my God, my son is…[Ebro: “A little man!”]. Yeah you know, and that’s a lot and it makes me think of my future and makes me think about me wanting other kids. I can’t tear up my insides drinking Jack Daniels, and fighting and being angry.”

I dig the honesty! Share your thoughts on K keeping it real about dealing with her issues with alcohol, and if you’ve ever had a similar epiphany about yourself.

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