“You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” Scandal 314 Recap

March 21, 2014  |  
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Last night’s episode was one of the best we’ve seen in a while. We’re not going to bore you with an intro, get into the rundown below.

RIP James 

On everything, I really believed that neither David or James would have been killed. I thought someone ran in the background, in between the two of them and Jake shot them. But that was not the case. Instead, James really did die. And our hearts broke collectively. I can’t say I would have preferred David die either but it really was something seeing them uncover James like that. Sad indeed. But on a lighter note, we got this hilarious picture from Ellen and Dan Bucatinsky, the actor who plays James, watched the show and cried together.


How Cyrus and James Met

And to really drive in the pain, the whole episode was interspersed with flashback scenes of the beginning of Cyrus and James’ relationship. Unsurprisingly, when the two first met each other, there was almost a insulting relationship when they first met each other. James approaches Cyrus for a story and he tells him he needs to dress for the part. And James tells him, he wouldn’t take advice from a guy with a neck beard. Later, Cyrus ends up on the campaign trial and Cyrus did indeed shave it. When James tells Cyrus he likes him, Cyrus lies saying he’s not gay. And then James says, “And yet you shaved your beard.” There was a double entendre there that I didn’t even get until some of our Twitter followers pointed it out.


Mama Pope

Don’t ever count this lady out. She’s truly out of control. We’re slowly but surely starting to realize the motivation behind some of her actions. She tells Adnan, her new “assistant” that she doesn’t consider herself a terrorist, she says crashing that plane was a personal thing. She considers herself to be more of a facilitator. In one of her scenes, we see how ruthless she is when she kills a man because he wasn’t the person she expected him to be. In her most memorable line of the night, she tells Adnan that she doesn’t make bombs, she makes money. Boom! Adnan doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into, she goes to Harrison and asks if he can help get her out of this mess with Mama Pope.

Jake really is command…

Eventually, Olivia realizes that James really didn’t die in a carjacking. He was murdered. And it’s not long before she gleans that his murder was a B613 operation. But she doesn’t exactly know who did it. Still not realizing that Jake is no longer the “good guy” she once knew, she storms into his office, demanding to know who killed her friend. Jake has to let her know he’s the head honcho now. And instead of sending a flunky to do his dirty work, he does it himself. Sigh…if only Olivia had agreed to run away with him, she could have saved him from all this madness. But naw…

Can You Be My Dad?

Olivia takes the news that Jake killed James pretty hard. And she meets with her dad to try to put her life into perspective. She tells Rowan to be her dad for a minute. He tries. And though he doesn’t soften too much, he does give her some pretty salient advice as usual. He tells her that she shouldn’t be too hard on Jake or even attempt to punish him because, “Being the hand of God is already the worst punishment in the world.” So she wonders what’s the point of all of this, who is worth saving. Daddy Pope tells her everyone is. He says Olivia and her work are necessary just for this reason. He tells her “You drag everyone into the light. THAT is the poin–at least I’d like to think–of YOU.”

Mellie Gets Some

Yaaassss! Lord knows Mellie needs some love and Andrew seems to be all into her…well, literally after last night’s episode. We know it’s “wrong” but everybody’s living foul on this show. I hope Mellie doesn’t wake up in the morning and regret all of this, trying to pretend the alcohol had her feeling a way.

Huckleberry Quinn

Last night, when Quinn walks into her apartment she knows immediately that Huck is there. He tells her he’s there to put her down. Huck knows that since he trained Quinn, he knows that she wanted to be caught on camera. Meaning he knows that deep down she’s still a Gladiator at heart. Quinn is pissed that he throws this in her face, knowing she was trying to come back to Pope and Associates. She’s so pissed in fact that she spits in his face. And immediately afterward the two start kissing passionately. They break apart, Huck seems shocked by the encounter and Quinn says, “If you’re not gonna kill me, get the hell out.”

Can’t say we’re too surprised. We knew when he licked her face what was up. He said he came to put her down but as one of our Twitter followers said, perhaps he met “Put it down.”

You’re The Best Thing

Shonda broke our hearts last night when she played Gladys Knight’s “You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” while the two danced together at Fitz’s inaugural ball. It was so beautiful, many of us had to shed a thug tear or two. Cyrus and James were really in love. We were looking something like this:

After seeing how Cyrus reacted last night, I doubt that he knew James was going to be offed. But at the same time, Cyrus knows that James would still be alive if he had never tried to overthrow Sally by exploiting her husband’s gayness.

Jake in James’ final hours

I know some of you are looking at Jake a bit differently these days but I have to admit I’m still #TeamJake. I love the compassion he showed to James in his final hours. He told him: “I’m sorry I had to be so sloppy with you. But I’m going to sit here with you. I am not going to let you die alone.” He also told him that he was going to take care of his daughter. What did you think of his that final scene?

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