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When it comes to dating, there are endless horror stories about men who have found themselves involved with a woman who is a complete drama queen, and while we can’t deny that drama queens do exist, it’s time to shift some of the focus to men. There are plenty of drama kings out there  too who act like divas and are just as bad as their counterparts (see: RHOA’s Peter Thomas). Sadly, dating can be a little blinding and hindsight doesn’t always do you very good, so here we are to remind you of the signs you’re involved with a drama king.

He can get really emotional

It’s okay for a man to be in touch with his feelings, but going from one extreme, like yelling and screaming, to the next, boohooing in the corner, within a matter of hours is too much.

He picks fights

Drama kings like arguing and will push your buttons just to get you fired up. Creating scenes are his forte, no matter who sees or hears.

He gets jealous easily

If you’re dating a drama king, it’s highly likely that he gets jealous very easily, which in turn can cause him to become controlling and overbearing. Who has time for that?

He always has elaborate stories

When you ask this man why he does this or why he acts like that, there is never a short answer. Instead there’s always a long-winded story and the more time you spend with him, the crazier the stories get.

He’s known to jump to conclusions

A true sign of a drama king is when a man always assumes the worst. Maybe one day you were late for a date and instead of thinking about the possibilities of traffic, a late work meeting, or unexpected events, he immediately goes to thinking that you’re late because you were busy with another man.

He has bad communication skills

While a drama king may be really good at showing his emotions, he has a hard time communicating them and communicating in general. Instead of raising his concerns and trying to talk things out, he pouts and sulks, which affords no real resolution.

He loves to gossip

Though women are often credited with being the ones who like to gossip, drama kings are known to gossip about anyone and anything. This man loves a juicy story and he isn’t one that you can trust to keep things just between you and him.

He makes small problems big ones

It’s one thing to get upset over something major, it’s another to blow something small out of proportion. This guy has a few molehills but makes plenty more mountains — at your expense.

He’s easily offended

Okay, so not everyone has super thick skin, but this man is offended by any and everything. He never gives people the benefit of the doubt and tends to get hostile when someone or something has offended him.

He drags things out

A drama king is known to dwell on things, even long after they have been resolved. Drama kings are known to drag things out for much longer than they need to be and often times, their punishment doesn’t fit the crime at all. This is definitely the type of man that will drive you crazy with the expectation that his forgiveness is hard-earned.

Your mistakes are permanent

Everyone makes mistakes in life and in most relationships, mistakes aren’t worth dwelling over. However, if you’re involved with a drama king, it’s likely that while he may say he forgives you, he will never truly let you live down the mistakes that you’ve made. This man never forgets and is bound to bring up these mistakes in future arguments.

He demands a lot of attention

Looking at the good, you’re attracted to this man because he’s funny, energetic, and has a lot of passion. At the same time, he’s extremely high-maintenance and demands a lot of attention — as in he must be the center of it.

He’s never satisfied

This goes along with being high-maintenance, but drama kings are never satisfied. They tend to be picky when it comes to eating out and no matter how good something is, he’s always able to find a flaw or something to complain about. Satisfaction is not a feeling or word in a drama king’s vocabulary.

He’s emotionally draining

At the end of the day, you know you’ve gotten yourself involved with a drama king when you’re left emotionally drained. After every date, talk, or argument, you find that you’re exhausted. Not only does this guy have emotional problems, his problems latch themselves onto you as well which in turn tires you out and bogs you down.

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