15 Things We Love, Hate, And Don’t Understand About Will And Jada Smith

March 21, 2014  |  
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Like most of the world, we are very confused about the relationship between the Smiths. We can’t decide if they’re a beacon of hope, or the most twisted couple out there. Here are 15 things we just don’t understand about these two.

Love: How they’re always together

It seems impossible to find these two apart. In the tabloids they’re always running around together—it seems like they really are best friends and lovers!

Hate: Their children’s careers

We sort of feel like the two are becoming big headed at a very little age. They work harder than most child stars we know, always on some project!

 Love: Their kids’ hair

These siblings do rock some adorable and bold hairstyles. They change their hair more than Nicki Minaj does!

Don’t Understand: Jada’s plastic surgery

What was the point? She barely looks different. At most her cheekbones look a little bit higher but they already were high!

Don’t Understand: Their PDA

They make a point to be extremely lovey-dovey in photos and we can’t tell if it’s genuine or if it’s to cover up marital issues.

Love: How Will never seems to age

He just gets cuter as he gets older! But he doesn’t really get older. Put a sideways baseball cap on him and some headphones around his neck and he’d look like the Fresh Prince again.

 Dont Understand: How tiny Jada is

Is she eating? She’s nearly the same size as her teenage daughter. Her body just doesn’t look the way it should after bearing two children.

 Don’t Understand: Their alleged open relationship

Are they in one or aren’t they? In a “HuffPost Live” interview Pinkett Smith said, “I’ve always told Will: You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay.” That sounds like permission to cheat to us…or at least a trap!

Hate: The unbalanced attention to the third child

Will Smith has a third child from his first marriage, Trey Smith. If you didn’t know that it’s because his little ones get all of the spotlight.


Love: Jada’s relationship advice

Even though we’re not certain whether or not her own relationship is running smoothly, Jada does give some legitimately good relationship advice on her Facebook page. In one post she wrote about how people seek the love they think they deserve, and that’s why many stay in bad relationships. She’s right about that!

Don’t Understand: Divorce rumors

Have they or haven’t they almost divorced like…a dozen times? Rumors of an impending slip seem to come up in the tabloids every few years, and then are squashed. But they started somewhere!


Don’t Understand: Will’s career guidance to his son

Will has a habit of teasing his son in front of the cameras like at one recent event when Jaden dropped his water bottle during an interview and Will teased him, “You’re kidding right?” We can’t tell if this is totally in jest or if there is some control issue there.

 Hate: Their son’s relationship with Kylie Jenner

Hooooow could they let their own children get sucked into the ridiculous world of the Kardashians?


Don’t Understand: Jada’s secrecy about her relationship

She told Redbook Magazine that she doesn’t tell her friends anything about her marriage. We can’t decide if that’s smart, or just evidence she has something to hide.

Love: Their red carpet attire

These two always look fly on the red carpet. Jada takes risks with her dresses, and it pays off, and Will wears perfectly tailored suits.

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