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Finding the man who is meant for you is no easy task. It can take months, if not years, of dating and plenty of trial and error before you finally meet that man who is simply perfect for you. However, after some time, it’s easy to get frustrated if you’re trying and still remain single, so we want to help. Here are 14 reasons the one hasn’t come along yet and how you can speed up the process. Happy searching!

You don’t know what you’re looking for

Crazily enough, there are plenty of women who go into the dating world without truly knowing what they are looking for. Sadly, these women get involved in the dating scene and waste a lot of time, which inevitably makes them frustrated and unable to find Mr. Right even though they don’t even know what he looks like!

You’re insecure

If you’re insecure, it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful when it comes to dating and finding your perfect match because you aren’t sure of yourself and can’t put your best foot forward. This lack of confidence definitely shows when you start dating someone. Without confidence and security in yourself, you won’t attract the right men.

You aren’t fully committed

Dating doesn’t have to be a 24/7 commitment, but it does require some time and energy on your part. If you haven’t found your perfect match, it may be because you’re not taking dating as serious as you should be. If you’re going on a date every two weeks and slacking off in communication, it’s going to be extremely hard to find your man.

You don’t have the best dating skills

Everyone has their flaws when it comes to dating, but there are some definite dating habits that may be hindering your success in finding the one. Maybe you draw blanks during conversations or maybe you are afraid to show your true colors. Neither of these approaches allows someone to get to know the real you.

You’ve severely limited your dating pool

During the dating process, a lot of women become fixated on a certain type of man that they think is perfect for them. Having expectations and wants is a good thing, but it’s never good if your dating pool options are extremely limited. Don’t hesitate to date a little outside of your “perfect mold” and don’t allow yourself to be confined to a specific type of man.

An ex still has your heart

It’s very hard to move on from an ex-boyfriend, especially if you two were dating for a long time. However, if an ex still has your heart, you can’t possibly be successful in finding the man who is meant for you. The bottom line is you aren’t ready.

You only stick to traditional dating

In the past, dating was all about meeting men in person and courting that way. However, in today’s world, traditional dating is extremely limited. If you refuse to try new age dating, such as online dating, then you’re limiting the amount of men who you may be able to connect with. To find your perfect match, step beyond the bounds of traditional dating.

Work dominates your life

Being a workaholic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to focus on dating and finding the right man. If you haven’t found your perfect match, it may be because you just don’t have enough time to find him. If your schedule is jam-packed with work, school, and other activities, then dating definitely doesn’t get the high priority that it requires, especially when you’re looking for Mr. Right.

You have a negative outlook

You can’t go into the dating world with a negative outlook and attitude about it while also expecting to find the one. If you really believe that you’ll never find a man who is right for you or that you’ll have to settle for second best, then that’s likely exactly what you’ll get.

You ignore red flags

When it comes to dating and men, you’re one of those women who is willing to accept a few red flags or ignore them completely. However, ignoring red flags often means ignoring your gut feeling, which means wasting time and energy on men who are no good for you.

You’re willing to settle

If you’re willing to settle for Mr. Right Now, then you will never be able to find Mr. Right period. Timing is everything and what you need right now is a little patience.

You attract the wrong men

Attracting the wrong men can be a result of all sorts of things. What’s important is that you try to break the pattern and be the type of woman that is reflective of the type of man you want to date.

You’re guarded

Being shy is one thing, but being guarded is completely different. After being hurt and after failed past relationships, it can be really hard to move past all of it. It’s normal to want to protect yourself from further hurt, but you can’t expect to be successful in the dating world without being willing to make yourself vulnerable.

You compare men

It’s always important to learn from the past and to keep those lessons in the back of your head, but there’s no reason to compare each man that you meet with men you were with in the past. Go into each date with a blank slate until there’s legit behavior to give you pause.

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