It Wasn’t Me: 14 Reality Stars Who Avoid Blame

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Reality television is like a study in psychology.  There are some people who are extremely cognitive in making “good” TV, some who seem confused about what they signed up for, and others whose own actions confuse them and that’s when the finger pointing happens.  We’re all very aware of the possibilities of editing, or the use of frankenbites, but for some people, they seem completely oblivious to their own behavior and are dedicated to expressing how [insert fall person/editing device] is really to blame.  So let’s get to it:


Mama Joyce

Now I’m not about to come for anyone’s mother, but Mama Joyce’s inclination over the prospective men in Kandi’s life isn’t new.  (But heck, I have a daughter, so we’ll see how I’ll be when she starts dating.)  But this season, her actions have seemed pretty deliberate to be the act of editing.  But, that’s what she’s attributing everything to, as she explained in a Rolling Out interview:

“I don’t know why they did that. I allowed it to be like that, I guess. I guess since they don’t pay me, they can do whatever they want.”

…“When they showed the scene of me walking into the house and seeing all the pictures of Todd on the wall I was not talking about his pictures! I know Kandi had a decorator, her friend Carmon – and she put up all those pictures of Todd when he was a little boy.  I said, ‘Now that’s a damn shame,’ and what I really said was that shouldn’t be all him up there (on the wall). That shouldn’t be his wall. I said there were no picture of Riley or me. I didn’t just say there should be a picture of me.”


Erica Mena

When Erica first came on the Love & Hip Hop New York scene, she immediately clashed with Kimbella.  Angry words turned into angry actions, and the two’s first meeting became an exercise of glass throwing and hair pulling.  After the episode aired, Erica discussed how the footage had been edited, but during the “Reality Check” reunion episode, Mona Scott showed her the un-edited footage, that didn’t really differ from what they showed.


Nene Leakes

Nene, who’s been a fan favorite since the first year of the RHOA franchise is now beginning to feel as though she’s being edited to be the villain this season.  She expressed these views with Essence:

“I feel like these networks and production companies—I’m just keeping it real—I just feel like they build you up to tear you down. I feel like they’ve done whatever they could do to try to not show me in the best light. There are so many things that happen on the show and they… I don’t even want to talk about editing, because I feel like so many people cry wolf on editing. I’m just saying that they’ve done whatever they could to try and diminish anything that I’ve done and I’m okay with it because I know about reality TV. Every season there has to be a villain, there has to be somebody that straddles the fence, and there has to be a little s**t stirrer. All of those things make the show. They decide who’s going to be the villain this season or who’s going to be this person or that person.”

Ezra “Buddha” Masters

*Le sigh*  Buddha first came on the VH1 radar when he was on I Love New York 2, vying for Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s attention.  On his post-show interview he claimed that his real reason for coming on the show was to show America how a man is supposed to treat a woman.  *face palm*

Then, when he was on I Love Money 2, he was being a jerk and when the players had to pick teams once again, he was left in the dust.  However, he claims that it was all in his plans:

Contrary to how production edited the show, I actually picked 20 Pack because he was the only person I knew would 1. Be a good leader 2. Send me home. For the good of the team I wanted to quit a couple challenges prior but given the silly nature of the rules I couldn’t without having my teammates suffer the repercussions (the ’1 quits another follows’ rule) so I stuck it out.”

So that’s why he wouldn’t voluntarily go up for elimination all the other times people tried voting him out?  Because he wanted someone else to eliminate him?  Oh, okay.

Jennifer “Toasteee” Toof

When Toasteee first came on Flavor of Love 2, she was open about her escapades, especially to her then-buddy Nibblz.  However, when Toasteee started a rumor that Nibblz did something extra with Flav, Nibblz retaliated by exposing Toasteee’s porn career.  Toasteee said that Nibblz was a liar, that it never happened, and then… Flav found the proof.

Even on Toasteee’s third VH1 show, she was saying that it was all alleged, and that it was Nibblz fault.  Really, girl?! 






Larissa “Bootz” Aurora (Hodge)

On Flavor of Love Girls Charm School, during a lesson about owning up to your mistakes, Larissa got offended at the guest teacher, host, interviewer, and commentator, Kevin Frazier, when he asked her about revealing the winner of Flavor of Love 2 on the radio.

Later on, after she and Shay (y’all remember Shay, right?) stole a picture from Leilene to get Schatar voted off, Larissa still didn’t own up to her part and was eliminated because of it.  Lesson un-learned indeed.



Lauren Higginson

Any Bachelor viewers out there?

Potential mate to this season’s Lothario, Juan Pablo, was Lauren Higginson, who had a feeling that her dramatic nature would be used against her… and it was.  Apparently, a conversation that seemed to be awkward and one sided to the viewers was edited to look that way:

“First off, [producers] took out all [Juan Pablo’s] dialogue, seriously I did have an actual conversation [with Juan Pablo] so it just had me talking. So of course I looked like an idiot. The dramatic part I was ready for — I did that — but I did not like looking ignorant. So that bugged me more than anything. I can have a conversation, good lord!”



Monalisa “Shy” Brown

For viewers it seemed very obvious that Flavor of Love season 3 was much different than the other two previous ones.  For one, Flav seemed a little more cutthroat, and he showed that when he confronted flamboyant contestant, Shy.  Shy, on the show, was very argumentative, and seemed determined to make good reality television.  But it all backfired when Flavor Flav accused her of having bad breath.

After Shy’s departure, she went on to denounce reality television all together.  Claiming that the show and how she was depicted was halting her acting career, she went on the reunion to perform a cautionary song about doing reality television.


LaMonty “Pootie” Council

On the first season of I Love New York, we were introduced to the interesting character that was Pootie.  He mainly stayed in the cut, but his character came out more during the episode where they had to share their earning potentials.  Pootie, began to have a meltdown in front of New York, her mother, and Omarosa, which led to him leaving the house.

But to him, it was all an act.  In an interview he explained that he was an actor, and he was just trying to make good TV.  When asked about his departure, he said:

“Truth be told …the producers coming at me telling me I am the realest person there. They tell me to go lay down and rest. Then they play me …having me asked to leave. But all the time, I ‘ve had enough and they beg me to stay. That’ s the real situation.”


Paula Abdul

In 2007, Paula Abdul took a shot at reality television, and felt like it backfired on her.  Her show Hey Paula was supposed to show her everyday life, but instead she felt that it was edited to make her look unstable and diva-ish.  People were skeptical of her excuse, seeing that she was an executive producer, but she let people know that she had no editing rights.



Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub was once one of the cast members of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”  After two seasons of hostility Danielle cut her ties with Bravo, claiming:  “I felt like there was no fair portrayal of me and my family… to share with people who didn’t even want to portray me as a human being.”





Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Now, I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but I do know that not too many people have good things to say about a few of the former cast mates, particularly Mike “The Situation.”  Apparently he was bothered by how he was coming off to the world, and sounded off on his twitter:  “NotHappy theWay thingsWere portrayed,people that know me,know where my heart n intentionsR.Im upsetNcontemplating retirement from RealityJS4”

Chrissy Lampkin

Chrissy Lampkin was the star on the first season of Love & Hip Hop, and she seemed to enjoy her reign as the Queen Bee.  But when season two rolled around,  it seemed that maybe the pressure of the constant cameras and the constant drama was beginning to become too much for her.  Things took a head when she began to clash with Jim’s long time manager Yandy Smith, and Chrissy began to feel that certain situations were staged just to get a reaction out of her.


Kristen Kelly

Season five of Bad Girls Club was the first to leave the LA area, and also was the first to really have an accusation of an attempted date rape.

Kristen Kelly, who was also known as “Blondie” on the season, went out with the girls in Key West, but got separated.  On camera you see a guy talking to her, and sort of feeling her up, but she shoos him away.  Fast forward to her getting home and she has a confrontation with her then-friend Lea.  It leads to a fist fight, and eventually Kelly left the house.

While live-tweeting the episode, Kristen explained that while at the hospital there was a discovery of a large amount of PCP in her system.  Also, the guy who they believe slipped it to her was very aggressive with her, regardless of cameras.

Some people believed her, others didn’t.  But here’s hoping that it at least opened the dialogue about being careful of who you accept drinks from when you’re out.

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