Keep Calm And Carry On: How To Make It Through Your Craziest Weeks

March 18, 2014  |  
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One of my biggest fears is burning out at an early age. Between working multiple jobs, participating in activities and attending events, overextending ourselves has become the norm. Unfortunately, that new norm can also lead to lots of stress, acting out, and all out rage, so to prevent that here are some tips on how to remain centered and calm during your craziest weeks.

#1. Start each morning off with a 10-minute mediation/moment of silence.

By beginning each morning with a 10-minute mediation/moment of silence, you are allowing your mind to prep for the day. You’re also giving yourself a chance to just breathe and enjoy the silence of a beautiful morning. Mediating on a daily basis will help you remain calm in the morning versus jumping up out of bed in frenzy.

#2. Do at least one “me” activity per week.

Finding a “me” activity do to once a week is extremely important! As women we spend the majority of our time catering towards others. By taking the time out to focus on yourself, you will feelrefreshed. This activity could be painting, drawing, taking a bubble bath, anything  you truly enjoy.

#3. Exercise!

Before I started exercising, I failed to realize how much of an impact it could have on your day. Those 15 minutes of cardio can really improve your mood. 30 minutes might also trim your waist!

#4. Set one weekly goal and complete it!

There is no greater feeling than achieving a goal. Set one and complete it! Even the smallest victories — like packing your lunch twice per week — count.

#5. Pray

Regardless of your religious orientation, it is important to pray daily. We’re not trying to force you to do anything you do not believe in, however, prayer can really help keep you sane during a tough week.

#6. Phone a Friend or Relative

One of the greatest forms of therapy is talking to a friend. Pick up the phone and call a relative or a friend. Check in on them and step outside of your own world.

#7. Go out for Lunch

Not only is eating lunch at your desk every day seriously boring, it is not good for you health wise. Pick one day a week to eat lunch outside of your cubicle or home office! No excuses!

#8. Log Off Your Social Media Account

Social media has a way of convincing you everyone is living a more fabulous life then you are. Log off for an evening and enjoy life pre-social media. You could use this time to indulge in a “me” activity or call a friend and catch up!

#9. Switch Your Schedule Up

We highly suggest you change up your daily routine every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a major switch but doing something slightly different, like taking a new route to work, can spice up your day.

#10. Let Go of That One Thing That Keeps Bothering You

If something is bothering you and you need to address it, DO it! Holding on to feelings, projects or even people that you need to let go of will do more harm then good. Just let GO.

#11. Steer Clear of Negative Nancies

You know that one person in your life that always has something negative to say? Ignore them. Honestly, stay away from them as much as possible. No one needs negative energy around them.

#12. Indulge in a little Reading

Reading provides an opportunity for you to escape your own reality. Try reading a book or watching one of your favorites TV shows. You deserve a little fantasy.

#13. Check Your Emotions

It’s as simple as that. Check your emotions. If you feel you are about to explode or go into a mental break down, check yourself and regroup. No one else will.

#14. Laugh!

Laughter is the cure for everything. Learn to laugh and enjoy the little moments in life. YouTube is your friend.

#15. Ready, set, breathe!

BREATHE. Right before that big meeting, that big interview or uncomfortable conversation, take a breath and know all will be OK.

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