The Truth About Yoga: Everything No One Bothers To Tell You Before Your First Class

March 19, 2014  |  
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By now you may or may not have jumped on the yoga bandwagon. It’s the go-to class for every “new health nut” and individual seeking to find peace in his or her life. Everywhere you turn, someone is constantly ranting and raving about yoga and it’s health benefits. However, no one bothers to tell you what you will experience and encounter during your very first yoga class. Lucky for you, you have me! Let’s get started.

#1. No sneakers – No socks

One of the first things you will notice when you take your first yoga class is that no one has on sneakers or socks! For some reason, most people don’t expect this; hence, the next point…





#2. Make Sure Your Feet are Clean

Okay we might be stretching things here. However, it’s extremely embarrassing to be barefoot in a workout class with “not so lady-like” feet. Trust us, clean those bad boys or at least paint your toenails first!



#3. Be prepared to STRETCH!

To help calm your nerves and inner spirit, yoga requires a lot of stretching. Be prepared to stretch those back and leg muscles. You will be sore the next day from stretching muscles you never knew existed!

 #4. Do not wear loose fitting clothing!

This is a big no no. A lot of the positions in yoga require you to stretch in different poses. The last thing you want to be doing during your workout is fixing your clothing. It will save you a lot of time and potential nip slips.






 #5. Some of The Positions Are Awkward

Don’t believe me? Look at a yoga chart.  The Happy Baby Pose and the baby cradle pose are my favorite awkward positions.





 #6. You Will Fall Down!

Don’t feel bad if you fall down, the positions are awkward! As long as you get back up, you’re fine!








#7. If you’re looking for a high Intensity Workout…Look Elsewhere!

Yoga involves a lot of stretching. You will not burn the same amount of calories in a yoga class, as you would in a kickboxing class. We suggest you take yoga in addition to another cardio activity weekly.

#8. You will Work Your Core

One of the excellent things about yoga is the fact that you work your core! Say goodbye to those love handles and muffin tops!







#9.  Sweating? Nope, not here

After taking our first yoga class, we realized we barely broke a sweat! We’re not sure if this is common but we are 100% sure that if you take HOT YOGA, you will!

#10. Don’t Expect To Watch and Follow The Instructor

During our yoga class, our instructor constantly told us to keep our head downs and focus on ourselves. She would say “focus your energy elsewhere” whenever we looked up to follow her, which is code for stop looking at me.


#11. No Water Breaks!

There are not designated water breaks in yoga. Due to the constant movement and lack of intense cardio, water breaks aren’t a requirement. You should make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards though.





#12. No Cell Phones Allowed

Nothing is more distracting then being in the middle of a peaceful mediation and you hear a loud buzzing sound. Even if your phone is on vibrate, we recommend you leave it on silent.




#13. Don’t Go With Your Girlfriends!

Yoga is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet. If you plan on going to yoga and catching up with your girlfriend, STOP. Grab some tea instead.




#14. The Poses Will Help Improve Your Sex Life!

Different poses, such as the pigeon pose, will help release tension in your hips and increase flexibility. All the ingredients needed to spice up your sex life!




#15. You will either LOVE or HATE yoga by the end of your class.

There is no in between when it comes to yoga. You will either love the calming affect it can have on your soul, or hate it completely! Yoga isn’t for everybody, however you should have an open mind! Give it a try!

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