Kenya And Apollo Make Nice Again–To The Chagrin Of His Wife, Phaedra; RHOA Ep. 18

March 17, 2014  |  
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Not going to lie, this episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta wasn’t as eventful as the past few episodes have been, but a lot was explained in terms of Kenya’s quest for a child, the drama between Kandi, Todd and Mama Joyce, and the drama between Kenya, Phaedra and Apollo. Let’s talk about it!

Kenya Talks Porsha’s Marriage And Apollo’s Lies

The cast is still pretending to get along in Mexico, and to start the episode, Kenya and Miss Lawrence sit down for breakfast and shade throwing. They talk about the dinner from last week’s episode and what it revealed to them about Porsha–Kenya still thinks she’s a beard and that her marriage to Kordell was something of an arrangement: “She wasn’t much of a trophy wife. She was more like a certificate wife.” When speaking on busted marriages, she brings up Apollo and Phaedra, saying she really wants to sit down with him ALONE to clear the air about all the lies she claims he’s been spreading, especially about that scandalous meet-up in LA where Apollo claimed Kenya propositioned him. Of course, Phaedra won’t allow Apollo out of her sight, but Kenya has her ways of getting what she wants…

Kandi and Todd Talk Issues With Mama Joyce

On the way to the caves to check out some history and some horrifying creatures (bats and boa constrictors? Hell no!), Kandi and Todd are asked about their wedding date while riding with Kenya, Cynthia, Peter, and Miss Lawrence. They say they haven’t really planned anything because drama with Kandi’s family, aka, Mama Joyce. “You don’t know what to plan for. Is the family gonna show up?” Out of nowhere, Kandi is confronted by everyone in the car about why she hasn’t checked her mother by now, not only by Todd, but Nosy Peter, Cynthia and of course, Kenya. Todd says that if Kandi can’t get her mom together, he might get sick and tired of being sick and tired. “You can’t step back and think s**t’s gonna resolve itself.” He once again encourages her to go to therapy, with her mom and by herself, so they can figure out the root of everything and resolve it. Good idea, but he offered up this idea a while ago and it still hasn’t been been put into action (as far as we know). Whatever happens, at this point, they need to focus less on Mama Joyce and more on one another.

Everyone Hits The Caves And Reluctantly Take A Dip In The “Fountain Of Youth”

When they finally get to the caves, the ladies and gents have a hard time with all the nature coming their way. The bats, mosquitos and snakes just aren’t their thing. Eventually, they walk up on what Kenya calls the “fountain of youth,” a gorgeous spring of water that looks like something anybody would want to jump in–unless they’re getting in with Kenya Moore. The beauty queen stripped down to her bikini (which looked oddly similar to Phaedra’s) and was propositioning everyone to get in with her. Everyone included Apollo, who looked scared to make the wrong move that would get Phaedra on his a**. Eventually, Phaedra got in the water, which allowed Apollo to jump in, and even Kandi and Porsha dive in (Phaedra with her good weave), and the awkwardness finally subsides. Once out of the water, the chemistry between Apollo and Kenya (in that bikini), was very obvious. Will he be able to keep it together?

Kenya Takes The Ladies (She Likes) Out For Fertility Prayers

In a very scandalous red dress (I was getting dancehall queen/Foxy Brown vibe from the side cut-outs), Kenya rounds up the ladies she kinda likes (so that leaves out Phaedra and Porsha, and includes NeNe because you know, she wants the BFF thing to happen so bad) to go through fertility treatments with a shaman. When they get there, Kenya tearfully explains to the ladies her decision to get the fertility prayers, and encourages Kandi to take part since she wants to have a baby boy with Todd. The treatment included smoke, chanting, holding figures of fertile mothers and loud noises, which NeNe wasn’t feeling, but it definitely went a long way for an emotional Kenya.

Kenya Opens Up To The Ladies About Kids And They Share Their Struggles As Parents

In an effort to open up more to the ladies, Kenya tells them about her decision to want to have kids after falling in love with a guy who had a son when she was in her early 30s. While she actually still sounded head over heels for this mystery man, she said things didn’t work out because he wasn’t ready to start a family with her. She gets encouragement from the fact that the ladies all had their first child on their own, but they tell her that if they could, they would have done things differently. Kandi specifically wishes she could have raised Riley more with her father so that she could have that “daddy’s little girl” feeling. Major gems in their conversation.

Todd Explains His Issues With Kandi And Mama Joyce With The Guys

The guys finally get together to talk (minus Gregg, who decided to stay with his boo, NeNe), and Peter fills Apollo in on some business–Todd’s business. They talk about dealing with meddling mothers, because Peter has dealt with that, but for Todd, it’s not something he’s feeling. “I Ain’t never been through some s**t like this before.” Todd even says that at one point, he tried to invite Mama Joyce out to lunch to talk one-on-one, and she never called him back. He wants to make things work, but he’s not sure how, and he seems tired of trying. Hell, we’re tired of watching that drama so we can’t even imagine what’s it’s like to physically and emotionally be in that…

Can We Talk About Peter Getting His Own Confessional?

In the midst of all this male bonding, for the first time, we had the chance to see a man get his own confessional moment! That’s right, Peter, who has been trying quite hard to get a real role on the show so he can get a check, shared the tea in a powder blue sweater during a confessional. We expect to see him with a peach in his hand and a profile in the intro next season.

Kenya Barges In On Guy Time To Turn Up On Tequila

Guess who popped up at a bar when there were no other women (aka, WIVES) in the place? Kenya! With Miss Lawrence and their stilettos, Kenya smokes cigars with the guys, talks about “sucking” (the taste of cigars) and orders round after round of tequila shots to get folks “turnt up.” Eventually, she gets up to get more shots and asks Apollo to come with her, which receives a “”Sit your a** right there in that chair” response from Peter (towards Apollo of course). Eventually, Apollo caves in to the pressure and follows Kenya to the bar, but Todd isn’t too far behind to keep an eye on him. After Kenya asks Apollo “Do you need a chaperone?” he tells Todd to step off so that he can finally hash things out with Kenya.

Phaedra Walks In On Apollo And Kenya Hashing Things Out And She’s Not Happy…

In a conversation that really didn’t go anywhere, Kenya asks Apollo straight up why he said so many reckless things about her after she fell out with Phaedra. They go back and forth, and Apollo says that he said all that about “If I wanted to smash, I could have,” simply to let folks know that his intentions with her were not sexual or scandalous in any way. They go in circles and we were left with a whole lot of nothing–until Phaedra walked into the bar behind Kandi. As she stepped in with her yellow Prada bag and a scarf out of a scene of Mahogany, she has the death stare on her face after seeing Apollo talking with Kenya alone. “What is he doing over there with her?” Oblivious to her arrival, Kenya and Apollo continue to talk and laugh it up, until Phaedra steps over to them to ask what the hell is happening. Sadly, that was the end of the episode, but it looks like we have a lot of action to look forward to for next week!

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