Remember The Florida Boycott? Social Injustices And Drama We Went Hard For, And Then Forgot About

March 25, 2014  |  
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Are we just letting all of this go?

Remember When We Were Going to Shut Barneys Down?

Barney’s literally had a dude arrested for shopping while black and the black community was mad as hell…until Jay-Z refused to get on board with the boycott…then we all just sort of let it go.

What About R. Kelly?

So did we all just decide to let the R. Kelly pee thing go? Because “Black Panties” sure climbed the charts quick.

What About Kanye?

It almost seems like Kanye wants a boycott. First he rocked the Confederate flag and then he started calling himself a God.

A lot of folks said they were done with ‘Ye after that. But then “Yeezus” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts, so folks couldn’t have been too mad.

Remember When Juicy Tried to Make Her Dance for Tuition?

Juicy didn’t end up forcing women to twerk for a chance to go to college. But he did make women send in videos so he could pick a cute girl because he “liked her personality” enough to bless her with some tuition…which is kind of a creep move.

But while people Tweeted their anger, it doesn’t seem to have made a dent in his concert ticket sales.

Remember Russell and Harriet?

Do you think a Russell boycott would have taught Russell a lesson? Because it doesn’t sound like he learned one.

He apologized for making fun of Harriet Tubman, but when threats to boycott PhatFarm and DefJam didn’t put a dent in his $300 million net worth, he turned around and told Arsenio that he didn’t see what the big deal was:

“But a lot of these do-nothing negroes, you know, they were very angry and kept talking. It’s been very tough for me. They tried to turn me into Paula Deen [laughs]. But I want to move past that.”

What About Black Models In Fashion Week?

Remember when Iman and Naomi called for everyone to boycott Fashion Week until they started using more models of color?

Well, the numbers are in and 78.69% of this years’ Fashion Week models were white, which is right around the same 80% it’s been for the past six seasons. And Fashion Week is still going strong…

What About the Florida Boycott?

For a while, it looked like everyone from Mary Mary to Beyonce was going to join together and shut Florida down if they didn’t repeal “Stand Your Ground.”

But reports of mega-stars like Beyonce pulling out were false, the Miami concert scene is still jamming and it feels like a new Trayvon happens every week.

The Illuminati Standoff

Apparently not too many people believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce are king and queen of the Illuminati. When AFRO tried to call for a boycott of their concerts on behalf of the anti-illuminati, almost no one showed up.

That Time Target Swung and Missed

Beyonce changed the game when she surprise-dropped her last album exclusively on iTunes. And Amazon and Target didn’t like being cut out of the loop — so they boycotted Bey’s album and refused to sell it. It went on to break records anyway.

Remember When We Were Done With Tyler’s Foolishness?

When Tyler Perry shook Lupita’s hand at the Oscar’s, black Twitter lost it’s mind trying to get him to stay away from her.

Which reminds us, weren’t we all going to stop watching Tyler Perry movies a long time ago?

Everyone says they’re not tuning in but (pulls the Maury card out of the envelope) the fact that he makes around $40 million a movie says that that’s a lie.

Lost Love & Hip-Hop

Remember back in May when the cast of LHHNY walked out because they wanted more money and less fights? We never heard what happened to those contract negotiations, but we do know that Love & Hip-Hop came back just as ratchet as ever.

What About Sea World?

Did ya’ll watch the documentary Black Fish? That killer whale killed people. Plural.

We thought those parks would have been shut down a long time ago, but Sea World is still open and trainers are still working there.

We guess not everyone feels the same way about not getting eaten by killer fish.

Remember When We Weren’t Going to Bow Down?

A lot of fans took offence when Beyonce told everyone to Bow Down. But then Beyoncé dropped and everyone jammed so hard they forgot why they were mad.

Denny’s Again?

Earlier last year, several police departments said they were going to boycott Denny’s when one restaurant wouldn’t let them in with their firearms (which is against the law). But what we want to know is what happened to boycotting Denny’s when they wouldn’t serve black folks…


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