“Yum Yum, Crispy Piggy, Yum Yum” Scandal 313 Recap

March 14, 2014  |  
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Last night’s episode of “Scandal” was supposed to change our lives. I don’t know if it did all that but it did shake things up a bit. And it was certainly fun to watch. And they left us with a lingering question, “Who Got Shot?” Let’s get into it.

Sally’s Lost It

At the top of the episode, we see that Sally Langston is not coping with her guilt all too well. As she’s practicing for her debate, she’s deflecting her own sins onto Fitz, going in, speaking almost incoherently, damning him to a life in the fire and brimstone. The culmination of her crazy comes when she spits, “Yum Yum, Crispy Piggy, Yum Yum!” Cray-zee, deranged.

Push that paper

Now, that Quinn has been invited to join B613, she’s not too happy with her workload. Jake has assigned her to sit right at the front desk and answer phones. She’s been told that she can shoot someone only if they come through the doors. She’s mad but beggars can’t be choosers. As many times as she’s messed up, she better take what she can get.

Take advantage of me Jake

Y’all know we’re #TeamJake over here. So we were happy to see Olivia go over to his apartment and bring him dinner. She let her guard down for a minute and talked about wanting to run away from the madness that is her life. And Jake was all for it. The two ended up sharing a lovely evening with one another after she told him to “take advantage of her.”

Mur der ers 

In this episode, Olivia finally learns that Sally killed her husband Daniel Douglas. And instead of being disgusted by yet another politician having killed someone, she breaks out in laughter. Olivia realizes that “No matter who gets elected they’re all murderers.” True story. You may remember that Governor Reston killed his wife’s boyfriend after he found them sleeping together in his home. His wife covered for him by lying and saying the man was raping  her.

Sally preaches a word

Olivia eventually learns that Sally is going to confess to murdering her husband on stage at the debate and she tries everything in her power to prevent it from happening. She goes to speak to Sally. Langston calls her the “devil at her doorstep.”

And in the best read of the evening, Sally tells Olivia she wants to put her dirt on front street so she hear the voice of God one more time.

“You are not a woman of God…you cannot understand that without him, without the sign of his love, I am worse than dead.”

Christians was Twitter shouting Hallelujah!

Jake retreats to the shadows

Once again, Olivia plays the hell out of Jake. He was truly serious about running away and leaving all the violence and corruption behind him. And when he goes to Olivia to tell her ‘let’s do this thang.’ She acts like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about for a split second before Jake puts it all together. She’s not serious and once again, she’s going back to Fitz. He leaves her apartment on a very dark note, “You’re doing your job, I should be doing mine.”  Foreshadowing.

The Debate

When Olivia learns that Sally is waiting for a sign from God, she tries to convince Fitz to throw the debate to give her the thing she needs not to confess and throw herself under the bus. Fitz says that he won’t but when he gets on that stage and sees how Sally is floundering, drinking her water compulsively, he decides to cut her some slack. He leaves himself wide open for Sally to attack his character and his past political decisions.

James and Cyrus

Cyrus learns that James has been the one exposing his cover up of Daniel’s murder. And instead of flipping out or arranging for his death, he tells James he’s sorry for putting him in this position and tells him he loves him more than anything. It seemed sincere to me but others are saying it was Cyrus’ way saying goodbye before James’ meeting with David Rosen.

There is no Vermont

Olivia loves this messy life. She goes to the White House just to tell Fitz that their fantasies are fallacies. There is no Vermont. But just because she can’t have the life she wants with Fitz, it doesn’t mean she’s done with him. She’d rather just accept what it is they have now. And then they make out in front of the window. Sloppy.

Who Got Shot?

If you ask me, I’m willing to bet that neither James or David got shot. It was probably somebody in the shadows. But we’ll see. Everyone has their opinions about who they would be “less hurt” to see go. I’m still on the fence. I don’t want either one of them to die but if I have to be honest, I’m pulling for David. I know Abby would be devastated if he died. Cyrus would be broke down if James died but he would just disguise his pain with his work.

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