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Tyler Perry’s new film, Single Moms Club, comes out today, and the director has been doing promo for it, chatting with different media about the purpose of the film and what inspired him to do it. At some point, Perry did an interview with someone who asked him why he was “glorifying” single mothers with his new film, and that was something that rubbed Perry the wrong way. He took to his website,, to share his thoughts on why we need to stop attacking single mothers who handle their business in a post called, This Ticked Me Off:

I was doing an interview recently and the interviewer asked me why was I glorifying single moms. I explained to him that single moms needed to be celebrated, not ostracized. Most single moms are not that way by choice. Circumstance caused them to be in that situation and just like my Aunt Jerry, who raised four boys by herself, she never complained and never asked for handouts. She did what she had to do. Why hate on single moms? Are you kidding me? I know so many people who were raised by single moms and I know a lot of single moms. It’s the hardest job in the world when you do it right.

So this movie is dedicated to the single moms that are doing it right and a wake up call to the ones who aren’t. You never know who you’re raising.

Let’s be clear: this is not a male-bashing, woe-is-me, I’m-a-single-mother movie. This is a movie about the strength of the single mom. I did this movie to show the world what a lot of you go through. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt, it’s full of hope, but most of all it’s about how coming together can change your life. I want you to go see it, single mom or not.

This movie is important for so many reasons. It celebrates one of the most overlooked people in our country. I just want to say that I see you single moms, I hear you, and to everybody out there that knows one or was raised by one, bring them to the movies tomorrow. Lets show them that we are thankful.

This one’s for you, single moms, HAPPY SINGLE MOTHERS DAY!

Enjoy The Single Moms Club, in theaters tomorrow.

I can appreciate his sentiment. I think often people assume the worst of single mothers these days (if you watch the political news shows, they would like to make you think all single moms are looking for a handout), but as the sister of a single mother who has been working her butt off for years to keep a roof over her children’s head and provide them with as much love as possible after the death of their father, a celebration is in order for those who get a bad rap. Kudos to all the strong single mothers out there.

Do you think you’ll check out The Single Moms Club? And what do you think of what Perry had to say?

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